Highfield Priory

A Day In The Life Of Our Nursery School

This is what an average day would hold for your child in our Nursery School.

Key Person SessionsThe Morning Session - 8.00 - 9.00 am
This outline of our day aims to provide a warm welcome for the start of your child's day. Breakfast is available for all children and served until 9.30 a.m. A fruit snack is offered and available throughout the morning.


Getting Messy






 There will be a balance of adult led and child initiated activities, some activities may even be led by request of individual children.  Under the EYFS guidelines, our Nursery children learn through play having first hand experiences with sensory activities. The purpose of this play and active learning is to motivate, stimulate, support and develop skills and concepts, developing language and communication which also develops concentration and positive attitudes both in and outdoors.


Lunchtime in the School Dining Room - 11.00 am
Our home-cooked meals help your child's strength and development. Staff eat with the children at meal times, encouraging conversation, social interactions and good manners.

Children Sleeping

Children Sleeping - 12 noon

Snooze time for the children that need a rest during the day.

Opportunities for other or additional snooze times to suit individual needs are also offered.

Soft PlayTime in our Movement Room or outdoor play for the children who don't rest is always offered and encouraged.


The Afternoon Session - 1.00 pm
Milk, water or juice is offered to all children.

We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all our children, planning to use routine times as creatively as possible and taking the opportunity to focus on the individual child.

Children will also have the opportunity to visit the School Library and participate in Dance and P.E. sessions.

Mid-Afternoon - 2.30 pm
Tea time in the Dining Room. A light tea is provided.

Indoor Activities

Indoor/outdoor activities - 3.30 - 5.30 pm
Group activities indoors/outdoors to provide the final social interaction of the day prior to home-time.

6.00 pm - The end of our Nursery day.







"Staff seize upon opportunities to engage the children’s interest and build upon children’s skills."

Compliance Inspection, 2016