Highfield Priory

Baby Nursery From Six Months

Handing over your baby at six months –or indeed at any time -into the trust and care of another person is always a tense and difficult time. At Highfield, we start working with parents and getting to know your child before he/she comes for his/her first visit to our Nursery.

Child Sleeping

We make sure that we fully understand the routine that you have established at home and we aim to follow it as closely as possible in order to make our Nursery like a second home. This is facilitated by our separate sleep room where children have their own bed and can enjoy a quiet sleep to soothing classical music.


"The children’s personal, social and emotional development is a great strength; children are polite, caring enthusiastic and happy. From an early age they learn how to share and take turns. They are also learning to take responsibility for their own care, as was seen when a younger child decided he was ready for his nap. These are all valuable skills that help to prepare children for life in the wider world."

Compliance Inspection, 2016