Highfield Priory

Getting to Know Us – Getting to Know You

Your child will join us for a few two hour sessions to get parents and children ready for a longer half or full day with us. Communication is key and our daily diary (for under two years) gives you a full account of your child’s sleep, food and drink, nappies and social interaction. Parents are then able to comment and report back on what is happening at home so that your child’s day is as cohesive and consistent as possible.

Getting To Know Us - Getting To Know You

We will discuss your child’s nutritional requirements with you and ensure that we follow your child’s weaning programme when the time is right.


"Time is spent developing a strong relationship between the key person, child and his or her family. This helps children to feel emotionally secure, and supports their physical health and well-being as well as their academic learning."

Compliance Inspection, 2016