Highfield Priory

Getting Ready For School

Children in Play AreaAs our Nursery School children approach their third birthday, we prepare them for their next move. We always respond to the individual needs and inclinations of each child and so, in some cases, they may move before their third birthday and with others we may wait a little longer until we feel they are ready for this next step on their Highfield journey. Whilst still in our Nursery School, the children will visit Pre-School and spend time with the Pre-School teacher and with our Pre-School Nursery Nurse. They will become familiar with their new surroundings and new adults before they make the move into Pre-School.

Pre-School is situated in the Main School building (which feels very grown-up!) but its play area (accessible through the large patio-style doors to the rear of the classroom) is shared with our Nursery School.