Highfield Priory

Our Staff

Senior Management Team

Mr J Duke


Mrs A Heywood

Mr A Sheppeck

School Business Manager and Clerk to the Governors 

Deputy Head Teacher and Year 4

Mrs J Hewins

Director of Studies and Year 6
Mathematics Co-ordinator

Miss A Halstead

Key Stage 1 Co-ordinator
Early Years Foundation Stage Co-ordinator

Class Teachers

Mrs H Haythornthwaite

Year 6
English Co-ordinator

Mrs H Wilson

Year 1
PSHEE Co-ordinator

Mrs J Davidson

Year 1
Geography and History Co-ordinator

Mr L Turner

I.C.T. Co-ordinator

Mrs A Morrice

Year 3
French Co-ordinator

Miss A Macklam

Year 5
Music Co-ordinator

Mrs C Jones

Year 3 (Maternity Leave)
R.E. Co-ordinator
Drama Co-ordinator

Mrs C Field

Year 2
Science Co-ordinator

Mrs M Parsons


P.E./Games Co-ordinator

Mrs Hill

Year 4

Mr J Drake

Year 5

Mr S Murray

Year 2

Mrs D Diston


Mrs E Elstone

Nursery Manager (on Maternity Leave)

Miss Kidd

Nursery Deputy Manager

Part Time Staff

Miss A Jewitt

Art, Design and Technology Co-ordinator

Mrs A Duke

HPSED and English Co-ordinator

Mrs J Street

Mrs Shackleton

Learning Support Co-ordinator and KS1 Music

School Librarian

Nursery Assistants

Mrs N Hayes
After School and Holiday Club Co-ordinator
Mrs M Beaumont
Miss H Catherall
Miss C Shallcross
Miss B Dabhi
Mrs A Hayhurst
Mrs P Lockwood
Mrs C Harrison 
Miss T Metcalf
Mrs S Mohamed 
Mrs L Smithson 
Miss A Smart
Miss L Elstone
Miss L Warburton
Mrs S Williams (Maternity)
Miss A Winder
Miss L Wright
Miss K Hall
Miss J Wyllie