Highfield Priory

Moving Up To Junior School

Moving Up To Junior School

Welcome to Highfield Priory Junior School.  We hope the following information will be useful and will help you and your child as you move into our Junior School.


The Form Teachers in Year 3 are Mrs Hill and Mrs Morrice

The children will have

Public Speaking, Elocution and Drama (HPSED) with Mrs Duke

Music with Miss Macklam

P.E./Games with Mrs Parsons

I.C.T. with Mr Turner

French with Mme Morrice


The children will need a pencil case containing the following:

All items must be named.


The children will be issued with homework diaries.  Homework for each evening will be recorded in these.  It would be very helpful if parents could check homework, offer support if needed and make sure it has all been completed.  Parents are asked to sign homework diaries each weekend.  If any difficulties arise concerning homework, please could form teachers be notified straight away.


Extra-Curricular Activities

All clubs available to children in the Junior Department are listed in the School Calendar and are on our Extra-Curricular Activities page on this website. Clubs may be joined by the pupils by coming to the Sports Hall on Wednesday 3rd  September at 1pm to sign up. If pupils decide to sign up for a club they are committed for the whole term.


Children will be invited to come for auditions.  This will involve singing in a small group or individually with Miss Macklam.  A group of children will then be invited to join the choir.

NB: Children are expected to remain in the choir throughout their time in the Junior Department.


All Year 3 children may join Junior Recorder Club in the Autumn term. This will take place during a morning break.

Clubs that are taught by external tutors must be organised through the School Office and include:

Short Tennis





Art and Design

Highfield Reading Challenge

In Years 3 and 4, the children take part in Highfield Reading Stars which is part of the Highfield Reading Challenge. They work towards the acquisition of lapel badges, trophies and book tokens and they are always exceptionally proud to receive these in Assembly. In this way, their personal reading is monitored and encouraged and they are given plenty of opportunity to discuss books and authors in their Library period.


Word of the Week

Each year group will have ten ambitious words displayed in their classroom.  The children will be encouraged to use these within pieces of work at every opportunity.  A copy of the words will be put in homework diaries so they can be used for homework tasks too.  One house point will be awarded for each word used (a maximum of 3 house points for any one piece of work).


PE and Games

Kit required:

New style PE and Games bag (order at school office)

Polo shirt

Maroon shorts (boys) Maroon skirt (girls)

White ankle socks (Summer term)

Sports Trainers with laces (predominantly white)

Maroon long socks (Autumn and Spring term)

Football boots (boys)

Shin pads (hockey and football)

Gum shield (hockey and rugby)

Hockey stick (optional)

Year 5 and 6 boys maroon rugby shirt

All children need a Highfield tracksuit.

P.E./Games equipment should be kept in the Highfield P.E. and Games bag.  Please ensure all items are clearly named.


In Year 4 as part of the PE and Games curriculum, the pupils go swimming every Friday at West View swimming pool.

The cost of the lessons will be added to your end of term invoice.



Highfield pupils begin the study of Public Speaking, Elocution and Drama (HPSED) when they enter the Junior School and begin Year Three.

Why? At Highfield, we believe in the importance of preparing our pupils, not just for their Secondary School, but for Life. Our Public Speaking, Elocution and Drama lessons aim to develop a child’s communication and presentation skills. The voice is the basic tool with which they are able to make friends, share experiences, develop their talents and present themselves to the world. Through the study of Speech and of Drama, we teach our pupils to speak with clear diction and appropriate intonation. We teach them the importance of self-awareness and awareness of their audience. As they grow in confidence, our pupils become more able to speak out freely in any given situation; and to speak with clarity and judgement.

We also aim to make sure our pupils are courteous and effective listeners. Through small group work, they learn to value each other’s contribution and to show each other respect. The importance of retaining information in order to ask and to answer relevant questions is constantly enforced.

Our principle aim is that each child is confident and comfortable in their ability to communicate and that each child is given the opportunity to speak publicly in front of an audience on a regular basis.

Each year the children will take two Highfield Public Speaking exams, in which they will be examined by Mrs Duke and an external examiner, and they will be continuously assessed for their drama work.

Where? The lessons take place in the Performing Arts Studio. The children will also be given the opportunity to perform in larger venues to a variety of audiences within the school.

When? The lessons are held on a Wednesday and a Thursday and are always accompanied by Homework.

Homework is an essential part of the course and parents are encouraged to help their children to memorise set pieces and to listen to their presentations at home. It is vital that children come to the lessons prepared, confident and well organised if they are to make the most of their 35 minute lesson.

Merit Systems

Houses and House Points

When children enter the Junior Department, they are allocated to a House. Brothers and sisters are usually in the same houses. Each child will be given a coloured badge to show which house they are in.

There are three houses:

Bowland – green badges

Fylde – yellow badges

Pendle – blue badges

There are various sporting events that take place between the Houses each term. The winning House is awarded a trophy at the end of the term.

Year 6 children are chosen to be House Captains in each House. They help to organise teams for each event and collect any trophies their House has won.

House points are awarded to all children in the Junior School. They are awarded for pieces of work that show a good effort has been made. House points are recorded on the board outside the Year 3 classrooms each week.

Prizes are awarded to the two children in each form who have collected the most House points each term. A House point trophy is awarded to the House that has collected the most House points each term.

Merit Awards

These are awarded in assembly each Friday. One child in each form is chosen to receive the award. They are awarded for working hard, showing good improvement and being polite and well mannered. We celebrate our merit awards by listing the children’s names on the school website and on the merit board located in front of the entrance hall.

Other Notes

  1. Children should arrive at school no later than 8.30am.  Assembly begins at 8:40a.m.
  2. Once children have entered the Junior Department they are encouraged to become more independent.  It would help if parents collected children from the Junior playground and let them enter school on their own in the morning.  This should be tried after the first week.
  3. Teachers are always willing to discuss any matters arising with parents.  Please make an appointment with the teacher concerned.
  4. Please could Reading Record Books be signed each evening when the children have completed their set reading.  Comments in these books are always welcome.
  5. Please could parents ensure that their children have all the equipment they need for school each day. All equipment should be named so that it can be returned if it is mislaid.