Highfield Priory
Apr 24, 2015

Headmaster's Weekly News, Friday 24th April, 2015

24 April 2015

Dear Parents

What a wonderful week of sunshine! The children certainly have taken full advantage of the field at lunchtime, really enjoying the freedom of all that space. There have been lots of happy smiles and laughter and I am fully embracing Flower Power this term as I have been inundated with an assortment of daisy chains! Sports clubs and lessons have already taken place on the field with the main focus on Athletics. I have also watched the children entering Highfield Haven to study a variety of different topics in the sunshine. Long may it continue!

Reception Visit to Cobble Hey

On Monday, our Reception classes spent a wonderful day in the sunshine at Cobble Hey Farm.  The children had a chance to feed the lambs, plant some cut and grow lettuce seeds and climb to the top of Peacock Hill.  The children behaved impeccably; they particularly enjoyed their packed lunches and playing on the outdoor playground equipment. Mrs Diston

Out and About in Highfield Haven

With Year One

On Tuesday, it was a beautiful day and Year 1 took advantage of the day to go into the grounds to collect leaves for their Science topic on plants. They also linked it in with their topic from last term on Living and Not Living. Zainab ran up straight away with a leaf to show me. She was beaming and appeared very at ease in her new surroundings (this is only her second week in her new class). Martha showed me a leaf skeleton and already we had an example of leaves that were living and not living. Alex explained that for leaves to grow they need to drink, eat and breathe. Nandini then found a ladybird which she was delighted to show the other children. Brooke was really enjoying exploring the different plants and was proud to announce that she had found wild garlic and she was right! Hiba found lots of different leaves, holding them up to the sunlight to examine them carefully. The overall scene was lovely: the sun’s rays were reflecting through the trees, casting different shadows; the children’s faces were lighting up when they found something new; all this with the constant excited chatter of the children and birds all around. I returned to my office invigorated and uplifted, ready to take on the next bit of paperwork!

With Year 4

I spotted Year 4 heading out on Wednesday to use the outdoor classroom for some cross curricular work on maths and science. Olivia E explained that they were going outside to find information for Carroll diagrams.  They were looking at trees and plants, identifying them and then deciding whether they were taller or smaller than Mr Drake! They were looking to see which ones had blossomed and which trees hadn’t. Oliver used his chart to examine a leaf and decided it was from a Dog Rose plant. Mr McGill, our school gardener, then came out and helped the children to identify a Photinia bush in front of the Office. Everybody really enjoyed the freedom of exploring the Haven and asking lots of questions. They were excited to discover anything new and Isabelle was very keen to identify all the trees and plants asking for Mr Drake’s help to identify a tree. It was lovely to see all the children making real use of the woodlands and Highfield Haven and enhancing their learning by using practical examples. 

HPPTA Film Night

Thank you to our PTA who are hosting tonight’s film night. They will be using the equipment purchased by the PTA last term. The children will receive popcorn and a drink before settling down to watch the movie.

Congratulations to Miss Kidd!

Mia was born on Saturday 18 April (mum and baby are both doing well).  


Summer Weather

Sun Cream - Please could all children bring in a named bottle of sun cream which will be kept at school.

Sunglasses - I am afraid we don’t allow sunglasses in school for safety reasons and because we cannot guarantee that they will not be accidentally broken. 


It has been reported to me that a number of the children are coming up the school drive onto school grounds without seatbelts. Please could all children wear seatbelts on school property.

Infant Playground

Please could the Infant Playground car park be cleared at the end of the day so that children can play on it after they have been in the homework room. Thank you.

The Quad

Please could all Reception and Infant parents leave the quad as soon as possible at the end of the day so as not to disturb the Junior classes. Thank you for your support.  

Uniform and Lost Property

If uniform has been taken home by accident please could it be returned as soon as possible to the respective child or parent.

Student Council – Summer 2015

Congratulations to the following councillors: 1B: Hiba, 2M: Alfie, 2W: William, 3H: Henry, 

3M: Ibrahim, 4D: Caisey, 4M: Aditya, 5H: Kairavi, 6H: Tom D and George

Sports’ Captains

Well done to:  Jonathan - Cricket Tom D - Athletics

Merit Awards

RB: Nadia  RF: Ariana  1D: Evie  2M: Connie  2W: Emma

3H: Fatima  3M: Grace  4D: Oliver  4M: Faheema  5H: Kairavi  6H: Mack

Monitors of the Week: Archie, Harry and Isaac

Thought for the Week

The truest greatness lies in being kind, the truest wisdom in a happy mind. 

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Yours sincerely

J M Duke