Highfield Priory
May 22, 2015

Headmaster's Weekly News, Friday 22nd May, 2015

22 May 2015

Dear Parents

3H Assembly

Thank you 3H for your very enjoyable assembly this morning. It was wonderful to see you carrying on the momentum of last week’s Roman Day with an assembly all about the life of the Romans. The audience witnessed a full scale play which started in Rome with Emperor Claudius and his wife Agrippina; we were then taken to Britain where we met Boudica and learnt about her famous victory against the Romans. 3H really brought the history to life and we could see how acting out this period has really helped them to understand it. I particularly enjoyed the Boudica Rap! Thank you to Year 3 and Mrs Hill for a fantastic Assembly and an excellent conclusion to this half term.

Musical Assembly, Friday 12 June

The Musical Assembly on Friday 12 June will be for parents of the solo performers only. Little Voices and Music Makers will be performing at our Summer Fayre for all parents. Thank you.

Manor Adventure

As you read this, I will be on my way to Manor Adventure with Years 5 and 6 for a weekend of exciting activities, from abseiling to caving. We will be reporting back throughout the weekend on the School’s Facebook page, so please do follow us.

Year 5 trip to Jodrell Bank by Hassan and Zehran

On Tuesday 19 May, we went to visit Jodrell Bank in Macclesfield, an astounding astronomy centre, where we learnt some more about ‘Earth and Space’. When we arrived we went to the Planet Pavilion where there was an orrery which showed the different planets and their orbits. After lunch we headed to the Star Pavilion to take part in the ‘Mars Rover Challenge’; we worked in small groups and we had to build a space craft that would hold a precious cargo, the Mars Rover, (an egg) that was sent to Mars and we had to make sure that it landed safely!! The winning group named their craft ‘Success’, the ‘egg’ landed safely!

We also had a go at the ‘Whispering Dish’ where you can whisper into one dish and someone quite far away can hear you! Our final session was in the Planetarium with our guide Alan, here we journeyed to the stars and other planets and got a fantastic view of the night sky.

We think this was a flabbergasting educational experience and we definitely want to go back soon!

Year 1 trip to Fleetwood by Lucas, Alaia and Khadija

On Friday, we went to Fleetwood Museum by coach. We got dressed in old fashioned clothes and had a Victorian photograph taken. Then we went downstairs and met a gentleman who showed us his boarding house. We learnt about steam trains and steam boats and were shown Victorian toys. In the afternoon, we went down to the promenade and played on the beach and had our picnics. My favourite bit was watching Punch and Judy because it was funny!

Thank you Year 1 and Year 5 for your reports on your school trip. It sounds like you both had a fantastic day.

Infant Sports’ Day

What a fabulous feast of sport! The spectators watched a range of events which involved throwing, balancing, overcoming obstacles, the sack race and so much more. The children were confident and extremely talented at all the events and I definitely think we have some Olympic athletes of the future in our midst. The children were also excellent at cheering and supporting each other and their enjoyment and enthusiasm was clear to see with big smiles, excitement and laughter. 

The final result was 1st - Italy, 2nd - France and 3rd - Great Britain

Thank you to Mrs Parsons for organising the event and to all the staff for their support. Photographs on Facebook

Cricket v Rossall

Thirty five boys from Years 5 and 6 travelled to Rossall on Wednesday to play cricket. It was very windy and cold, however, the boys did not let the weather affect their afternoon of cricket. The A team battled hard against the elements but found it hard to score runs with the ball not really bouncing. They were much more effective in the field where the bowlers were accurate and picked up wickets and the fielders kept the scoring rate low. Although there was a huge improvement in performance since the start of the season, we narrowly lost the game. We must punish the opposition’s poor bowling and think more carefully about our shot selection in our next game. The other two teams won comfortably with some excellent attacking batting and consistent pressure in the field. Mrs Jones and Mr Turner reported that the boys really worked well as a team, showing lots of encouragement and support for each other. I would like to thank Rossall for their hospitality and to those parents and staff who made the fixture possible by offering lifts. It was very rewarding to see so many boys really enjoying the experience. 

EPSCA Semi-final

Bristol – Saturday 16 May

U11 team – Alexander (5H); Daniel (3M); Dev (5H); Ivan (3M); John (5H) and Muhammad (5H)

Congratulations to our U11 team for gaining 9/25 points and bringing a Bronze Award back to school!  The team performed exceptionally well against teams who were between 1 and 3 years older and gained valuable experience for next year’s competition. I would like to thank Mr Jones for taking on the role of team manager and coaching the boys in the weeks prior to the competition.  My thanks also go to Mrs Dable who organised chess team shirts and the PTA for providing the funds to buy them.  Thank you to all the parents who made the long drive down to Bristol and supported the boys during the competition; and finally to the boys themselves for being so keen and enthusiastic when playing chess! Mrs Haythornthwaite

Aughton Chess Congress – Saturday 27th June

This is the final Chess Congress of the season and is open to all chess players – from early beginners to the very experienced!  All details, and an entry form, can be found at: www.lancashirechess.com

Any new players should enter the Tiny Pawns section.   

Family Bingo with our HPPTA!

A reminder that our Family Bingo night is on Friday 12 June from 6pm-7.30pm. Tickets are available from the School Office.

Help for Heroes

Thank you to everyone who donated money at the performance of “A Letter to the Trenches” for Help for Heroes. We were very proud to send off a cheque for £234.32

Merit Awards

RB: Lameesa  RF: Hasan  1D: Alaia  2M: Alfie  2W: Abigail

3H: The Whole Class  3M: Madeleine  4D: Olivia E  4M: Katie  5H: Zehran  6H: Ali

Monitor of the week: Kieran

Thought for the Week

Dare to be wise: when you begin you are already halfway there.  Horace

I hope you all have an enjoyable Bank Holiday and half term break. I look forward to seeing you all on Monday 8 June.

Yours sincerely

J M Duke