Highfield Priory
Jun 19, 2015

Headmaster's Weekly News, Friday 19th June, 2015

19 June 2015

Dear Parents


2M Assembly

Thank you to 2M who took us on a journey to Peru this morning in their assembly. They spoke very confidently and eloquently about Peru, from its physical features to its language, culture and food. I particularly enjoyed the traditional dance and song. They were so knowledgeable about the country and they had obviously enjoyed studying it. They certainly made me want to find out more and visit South America myself. Thank you to Mr Murray for arranging the assembly and to 2M for performing so beautifully.


Staff News

I would like to offer my congratulations to Mr and Mrs Morrice who are expecting a baby in November. Mrs O’Shea will be taking the class during Mrs Morrice’s maternity leave, from Monday-Thursday, and Mrs Hill will be responsible for the class on Friday.

Mrs Hill will be teaching one day a week initially in September which will increase to two days in November. She will also be available for supply. Mrs Hill is planning to spend a little more time with her family next year and complete some further study.

I am also delighted to announce that Mrs Leigh has been appointed Bursar at Highfield Priory School. She is a qualified Accountant and has 19 years of experience as a Secondary School Manager/Bursar. She will be spending a few days with us next week before starting full time on 29 June.


Classes for September

The classes have now been finalised for September and pupils will meet their new teachers on Friday 3 July, Move Up Afternoon.


Mrs Field

Mrs Diston

Year 1

RB-1D Mrs Davidson

RF-1W Mrs Wilson

Year 2

1D-2M Mr Murray

Year 3

2W-3M   Mrs Morrice (From November, Mrs O’Shea will be the class teacher Monday-Thursday and Mrs Hill will be responsible for the class on Friday).

2M-3J     Mrs Jones

Year 4

3M-4D Mr Drake

3H-4S Mr Sheppeck (Mr Sheppeck will be the new Deputy Head; he is currently Assistant Head at Altrinchham Prep and a Year 4 teacher).

Year 5

4M – 5H Mrs Hewins (Mrs Hewins will be the class teacher from Monday to Thursday. Mrs Duke will be responsible for the class on Friday.)

4D-5M Miss Macklam


Year 6

5H-6H Mrs Haythornthwaite


Out and About with Year 6 Story-tellers and Safer Cycling

Year 6 have had a busy few days. Last week they were busy writing stories with a partner which would be suitable to read to a Reception or Year 1 child. On Friday they got the opportunity to go down to their classes and read the stories. It was lovely to see the Year 6 children getting down to the level of the young children and reading their own stories. The children were transfixed, listening to every word. Year 6 also asked questions about what would happen next and the children’s answers showed how engaged the children had been in the story. Looking after the younger children has been a real strength of our Year Sixes this year and, once again, their approach and the passion they showed for this activity really underlined this. Well done, Year Six!

On Monday, they completed their final session on Safer Cycling. They had already had a bike check and a written test and on Monday they were working on their practical skills. They had to manoeuvre around a course, being aware of their surroundings; then they had to pass a stationary vehicle, signal and then turn. The whole programme was a valuable experience for the children and it taught them very important skills that they will need to use when they are riding their bikes outside school. Thank You to Miss Burns and Mrs Guthrie for running the course and making it possible.


Out and About With Year 3 HPSED

Year 3 are in their final preparation for their HPSED Examination which tests their ability to Speak to Instruct. They have to teach another person how to do something. I watched Zahara teach Rory how to create a picture of a lion using a variety of materials from pipe cleaners to orange string. She spoke very clearly and precisely, giving her instructions in clear stages which she had broken down and presented on a display board. Her board demonstrated how the lion gradually took shape as each stage was completed. Rory was totally immersed in the activity and listened carefully to each instruction. His finished picture was perfect and highlighted the success of Zahara’s instructions.

Next up was Ameya who was going to teach someone how to make a rose out of a ribbon. Mrs Duke decided that this was a skill that I was lacking and so I became Ameya’s pupil! Ameya took a very hands-on approach, showing me each stage with a very calm and gentle manner. I am afraid I was not as successful a pupil as Rory and my finished flower was only a vague resemblance of Ameya’s. I will definitely need more practice, Ameya!

I finally watched Ahmed teach Gabrielle how to make a circuit to light a light bulb. He was very clear with excellent voice projection and he announced each step before moving onto the next one. He gave constructive feedback and congratulated Gabrielle when she had completed each stage. Gabrielle had a big smile on her face throughout and completed the circuit with ease. The children had really followed the examination criteria carefully, from presenting instructions in a logical order to being patient, and using repetition effectively.

There are a number of pictures on the school Facebook pages and there will be some videos of the children’s lessons also released soon to help you and give you instructions on everyday jobs!

Remember, you do not have to be a follower of Facebook to enjoy these pages, just go on our website and click on the Facebook icon.


Open Morning

We will be having an Open Morning next Friday, 26 June, from 9am -12 noon.


Highfield Bake Off

After being so successful for the last two years, we will be having an annual Bake Off again. This has been a very popular event in the past and the children have really enjoyed spending time with parents planning and then baking a special treat to bring into school to sell for charity. The charity this year, chosen by the children, is The Space Centre which offers a flexible environment for families and carers.  All cakes should be brought into school on Monday 13 July. There will be prizes once again for best tasting cake and best presented cake across Juniors and Infants.



Congratulations to Olivia D who has qualified for the ISA National Athletics event to represent the North in Birmingham after coming second in the 75m at Wigan. We wish her luck on Monday.


The Play-Off Trophy Comes To Highfield

 A big thank you to Mr Rhodes (Abigail 4M) who brought Preston North End's Play-Off Trophy into school this week. The cup did a tour of school and there are some great pictures on our Facebook page of the children holding and posing with it.



Thank you to all our PTA who helped at the Fathers’ Day shop today. I hope there will be some very happy fathers on Sunday because there was certainly a lot of thought put into their choice of gift!


Merit Awards

RB: Macaulay  RF: Tim  1D: Lucas  2M: The Whole Class  2W: Aditi

3H: James  3M: Ameya  4D: Oliver  4M: Roan  5H: George  6H: Amy

Monitor of the week: Tom D


Thought for the Week

The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Bertrand Russell


Yours sincerely


J M Duke