Highfield Priory
Sep 11, 2015

Headmaster's Weekly News, Friday 11th September, 2015

11 September 2015


Dear Parents


The children have really enjoyed getting back in to a full week this week with activities starting and a full timetable of lessons. As always, the children have adapted quickly and are full of energy and enthusiasm for each lesson and activity.


Student Councillors

Congratulations to all our student councillors who have been chosen to represent their class for next term. I look forward to meeting you all next Wednesday at our first Student Council Meeting. Student Councillors: 1D-Isabelle  1W-Sara  2M-Alex  3J-Joshua  3M-Emma 

4D-Elizabeth    4S-Hamdaan     5H-Zara     5M-Amelia    6H-Manahil and George 


Out and About

I really wanted to see how our Reception Classes were doing this week in their first full week at primary school. As I walked into the classroom I had to do a double-take and make sure I wasn’t in a Year 1 or 2 class. RD were just starting a French lesson with Mrs Morrice. They were all sitting around the whiteboard listening intently to what she had to say. The children were taking it in turns to say ‘Bonjour!’ to Mrs Morrice. Anoush said, ‘Bonjour Madame Morrice!’ very clearly before being followed by Luca and Lily who both said it with confidence. The class all then said ‘Bonjour!’ together before Mrs Morrice asked them to say ‘Salut!’ and wave which she explained was another way of saying hello. The children were loving the interaction and taking it in turns to take centre stage. Moin then said, ‘What about bye-bye? When will we do that?’ Hiba answered straight away saying, ‘When we leave.’ The pupils then had to welcome each other. I watched Hiba say, ‘Bonjour Haya!’ and Haya returned the greeting beautifully. The children’s next task was to make a finger puppet with which they could greet people. They all jumped up straight away, all saying ‘Bonjour! Bonjour!’ over and over again and got busy. 

I then went next door to RF. Sophie, Thomas and Eliza were captivated with an IT program, following instructions to paint different animals. I asked Eliza if you could use different colours, to which she promptly replied, ‘Yes! You can do that!’ before proceeding to show me. I moved on to watch Jaya and Bethan painting pictures of castles and Bethan said that she had visited a castle in the holidays and Jaya said she had enjoyed her trip to Cyprus in the holidays. The children tidied up for snack time. Joshua came up and told me what he had tidied up and also showed me that he had mastered how to use a whiteboard. 

The children were incredibly relaxed in both classrooms, enjoying each other’s company and exploring the activities. You definitely wouldn’t have realised it was their first full week at school. 

I can’t wait to come back to see you later in the term and see what you are all up to!    


Jumpers and Cardigans

Please could we make sure that all children have a named jumper (boys) or cardigan (girls) in school. It is part of the school uniform and it keeps them looking smart (no shirt tails hanging out!) and feeling warm during the autumn and winter months. All boys except Year 6 should be wearing shorts until half-term


Lost Property

We still have lots of lost property from last term at the back of the Dining Hall. This will be the last week it is available before it is donated to the school shop.


HPPTA Film Night

Next Friday, 18 September, is the first HPPTA film night of the year. The film being shown is Cinderella and tickets are available from the office at £5 each.


New Parents’ Coffee Morning

Our new parents’ coffee morning is next Friday after drop off. Invitations have been sent to all new parents who have joined us this term.


Late Pick-Up

Juniors who are not picked up at the end of the day go to the homework room. Please sign them out from there from the teacher on duty.


Dates for Next Week

Tuesday 15th                 Year 5 Curriculum Evening 6.30pm.

Friday 18th                     New Parents’ Coffee Morning

                                      HPPTA Film night


Merit Awards

RD: Evie  RF: William  1D: Lameesa  1W: Sam  2M: Hashbala

3J: Joshua  3M: Abdullah  4D: Apala  4S: James  5H: Faheema  5M: Clare  6H: Hannah

Monitor of the week: Hassan


Thought for the Week

(from Friday night’s film: Cinderella)

Have courage and be kind.

Yours sincerely 

J M Duke