Highfield Priory
Oct 2, 2015

Headmaster's Weekly News, Friday 2nd October, 2015

2 October 2015

Dear Parents

3M Assembly

Thank you 3M for your assembly on role models and heroes this morning, which was based on what you have been studying in RE this term. You made me laugh at the start when you arrived on the stage as cartoon heroes like Superman and Ghostbusters and acted out the part with such conviction! It was interesting to hear how you contrasted these heroes with today’s heroes and role models like Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King; and people in your own lives such as your mother and father. I particularly enjoyed your rendition of the song ‘Search for the Hero’, by M People, at the end which you have obviously enjoyed rehearsing. Thank you 3M and Mrs Morrice for arranging the assembly. I hope it helped everyone in the room to remember to be thankful for the role models and heroes in their lives.

Netball v Sedbergh

The Year 5 and 6 netball teams played their second match of the term against Sedbergh. We knew the matches would be tough, but all 3 teams rose to the occasion and worked very hard. In the warm sunshine outside, the Pink team held on to their early lead and won 5-4. This was down to their commitment to win every ball and marking the opposition well. Both the Green and Blue teams lost but showed a vast improvement in both their decision making and movement off the ball. Well done to all teams! Miss McShane

Year 5 Speke Hall

Year 5’s school trip was based on Tudor times. We went to a Tudor house called Speke Hall which used to be owned by the Norris family. When we got there we had a tour around the house and learnt the secrets about it. We also learnt that girls were not as important as boys (unfortunately)! We learnt a dance in the Great Hall. After lunch we made pomanders with oranges. Last, but not least (but also our favourite part), Faheema and Alexander were dressed up as Tudor children. Faheema wore orange with lots of layers and Alexander was wearing blue velvet clothing with one layer. The clothes were heavy and they were both very hot.  We all enjoyed the trip and learnt a lot about Tudors. We would all like to go again. By Faheema, Abigail, Amelia, Millie and Olivia E.

I would like to congratulate the pupils on their exemplary behaviour at Speke Hall. The guides were delighted with them and said that Highfield was the most well-mannered and well behaved school that has visited Speke Hall this year.

Open Day

It will be our Open Morning next Thursday from 9am. Please could you pass on these details to anyone who may be interested. We will parentmail a flyer of the details of Open Day today. Please could you forward this on to anyone you think may be interested in seeing our school in action. Thank you to all parents who have supported so far with banners, delivering flyers and liking our Open Day flyer on our Facebook page.

Out and About in Pre-School

It was Pre-School’s turn for a visit this week. I could hear the laughter and excitement at the activities in which they were taking part as I walked down the corridor. The first group of children were using the new Rugged Racers (remote control cars). I watched Noah really enjoying the independence of controlling his own car, laughing out loud as it bumped into staff and other objects around the room. Georgia appeared to be on a Sunday afternoon drive, manoeuvring her bright yellow car smoothly around the room with ease, giggling and with a big smile on her face! Lucas showed expert control and was deep in concentration, driving his car in and out of the objects. Raees was very excited about having his go, jumping up and down, and he was off straight away when it was his turn. I was impressed by all the children’s hand/eye co-ordination and it was obvious that the new cars were going to be a very popular activity in Pre-School. I then watched Ayesha complete an activity expertly on the interactive whiteboard before watching Hanna speak to a talking postcard, saying, ‘The sun will come out tomorrow,’ which she then played back to herself. This then started all the girls off singing songs from ‘Annie’! Aibhlin particularly enjoyed singing ‘It’s a Hard Knock Life’ at the top of her voice. Mrs Hayes said that ‘Annie’ had really caught their imagination this week and this was definitely the case as more and more children joined in. There was a lovely atmosphere in the room, with the children really enjoying the activities and interacting with each other and members of staff. It put a big smile on my face and left me humming the songs from ‘Annie’ for the rest of the day!

Merit Awards

RD: Lily  RF: Taylor  1D: Ibraheem  1W: Timothy  2M: Mariela

3J: Francesca  3M: The Whole Class  4D: Ivan  4S: Eva  5H: Katie  5M: Amelia  6H: Manahil

Monitor of the week: Hassan

Thought for the Week

Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. Oliver Goldsmith


Yours sincerely


J M Duke