Highfield Priory
Oct 9, 2015

Headmaster's Weekly News, Friday 9th October, 2015

9 October 2015

Dear Parents

2M Assembly

Thank you 2M for your fantastic assembly this morning on Neil Armstrong and the planets, which links in with the topics you are studying in geography and history. I really enjoyed your re-enactment of the first landing on the moon and I was impressed by the amount of facts and lines you had learned. I know from your daily updates that you have been excited about this assembly and your enthusiasm came through clearly in your performance, especially in the very memorable, "Blast off into Space" song. Thank you to 2M and Mr Murray for arranging this assembly.


Lancaster Grammar Schools’ Results

Congratulations to the nine pupils who sat the Entrance Exams for the Lancaster Grammar Schools. All nine have gained day places from outside the catchment area: 6 boys and 3 girls. This is the highest number on record and a 100% success rate from our children sitting the examination.


Out and About With 5H

I visited 5H’s DT lesson this week. Zara explained that they were designing a slipper for a Tudor which links in with their history topic for this term. They were in the process of practising different types of stitching. Zara showed me her running stitch, back stitch and blanket stitch.  She was very proficient, showing good control over the needle; she explained that she did a lot of tapestry at home with her mum which she really enjoys. Shaylen said his design was going to be in black and white because they would not have enough money for expensive dyes.  Katie explained that in the previous lesson they had disassembled a hotel slipper and looked at each individual part and how it fitted together. She showed me her drawings of each part. Charlie was really working hard to get the technique right, focusing on each stitch. Aaliyah, who had a really good grasp of each technique, was helping Malaika before turning to help Charlie. Noah told me he was going to try to make a boot slipper because he felt it would be cold in Tudor times because they had very little heating in the houses. Isabel told me her slipper was going to be red and gold for a rich Tudor, and Abigail, following on this theme, said hers was going to be for Henry VIII’s third wife. I finally chatted with Oliver who was enjoying the challenge and, although he kept losing the thread, he was determined and definitely wasn’t going to give up. All the children were focused on their piece of work and were giving each other a helping hand. They were excited about moving on to making the product. I can’t wait to see the finished products and see if they really will be suitable for a Tudor!


Year 2 Visit to Eureka!

On Tuesday, we arrived early in the morning because we were going on a trip to Eureka Science Museum. I got up in the morning at half past six. I wore a denim skirt, I wore my leggings and I wore my PE jumper and my socks. When I got to school we all went outside and waited for the coach. It took over one hour to get there. When we got to Eureka we had our lunch straight away. Then we looked at a robot called Zoom who could talk. Then we went inside and explored upstairs. We got a passport from Mr. Murray before we could explore. The first thing I did was see how tall I was. My favourite activity was seeing what Miss Warburton would look like when she was much older! We then went into a room and two ladies told us about healthy eating. We got to taste and smell different fruits, vegetables and herbs. I learnt that bananas are herbs. I tasted some carrots and some peppers. Next we squeezed an orange and drank the juice, it was really nice. We felt an orange and a lemon and it was really bumpy. Then the ladies told us about where vegetables came from and that some grow under the ground and some grow on top. Before we finished we put different fruits and vegetables and herbs on a rainbow, it looked really good. Finally it was time to go home, I had such an exciting day out. I was puffed out and I fell asleep all the way home. My best part of the day was painting with fruit. Thank you Mr Murray and all the adult helpers for an exciting and fun day out. By Tia, Evie, Alaia, Nandini, Hashbala.


Open Morning

We had a number of visitors to school on Thursday for our Open Morning and we received comments about the quality of work on display, the positive and warm atmosphere in the school and praise for our Year 6 guides who they said were articulate, confident and great ambassadors for the school. Well done to our Year 6 children. They were also impressed by our facilities, compared to other schools, especially the developments in recent years of our Performing Arts Studio and our all-weather pitch that is nearing completion. Thank you to all those parents who helped in the lead up to Open Morning.


HPPTA Personalised Cards

It's that time of year again!! With the holiday season almost upon us, the children have been designing their own special cards. These have included Christmas, Diwali, Eid, Hanukkah and even Thank You cards. Please support this great enterprise and show off your child's skill to family and friends. 

Your child's design should now have been sent home for you to purchase if desired. Simply follow the instructions on the order form and attach it to your child's artwork with tape. All artwork and payment (cheques to be made payable to 'HPPTA' please) must be returned to the school office by Monday 12th October. Any received after this date will not be included in the order. 

If you would prefer your child to do a new design instead, or as well as the one sent home from school, that's fine - simply create the design on A4 white paper, (no 3D pictures please). Extra order forms can be made available to you upon request.

Many thanks for your support. HPPTA


Individual and Family Photographs

These will be taking place next Tuesday 13 October.


HPPTA Mufti Day

This will be next Friday. Children may bring in £1 for the HPPTA and wear home clothes. Please make sure that children wear sensible footwear and no jewellery as they will be following the normal curriculum.


Art Aprons

If any dads have any old shirts that you no longer use, please could you donate them to school to be used as art aprons. Thank you very much.


Summer Reading Challenge – Prize Draw

Thank you so much to all parents and grandparents who supported and encouraged the children through the Summer Reading Challenge at a local library.  We held our Prize Draw this week and the winners were:

Year 6 – Angi    Year 5 – Aditya    Year 4 – Gabrielle    Year 3 – Zain    Year 2 – Tia

The children will be able to come and choose a book at our Scholastic Book Fair in November.

Mrs Haythornthwaite


Merit Awards

RD: Anoush  RF: Aaron  1D: Nadia  1W: Sara  2M: The Whole Class

3J: Zainab  3M: Holly  4D: Gabrielle  4S: Zain  5H: Thomas  5M: Alexander  6H: Finntan 

Monitor of the week: Ben 


Thought for the Week

The greatest mistake in life is to be continually fearing you will make one. Elbert Hubbard.


Yours sincerely

J M Duke