Highfield Priory
Mar 4, 2016

Headmaster's Weekly News, Friday 4th March, 2016

4 March 2016

Dear Parents

Thank you 4S for an excellent assembly this morning which transported us back to the Viking and Anglo Saxon period of this country’s history with a play depicting the lead up to the Battles of Stamford Bridge and Hastings. It was very interesting to see what the children have been studying in class, as well as giving them a chance to really understand this period of history. Well done to the whole class and thank you to Mr Sheppeck for organising it.

World Book Day

What a brilliant day! We had a wonderful array of costumes, celebrating the teachers’ and children’s favourite characters from literature - from Dahl’s Mr Twit to Blyton’s Saucepan Man. The children really enjoyed talking about their favourite books and explaining who they were. The Junior Mastermind Final was, as always, highly contested with all the children in the final battling it out to be crowned Highfield Mastermind Champion, 2016. The confidence and composure on display as the contestants remembered the facts from 6 books and answered quick fire questions, while being watched by over 170 people, was incredibly impressive. Harry won the competition and was awarded this year’s trophy. Congratulations to Dev, Alexander, Mahahil and Muhammad who worked really hard and qualified for the final.

Puzzle Day

On Tuesday, a representative from The Happy Puzzle Company came into school to challenge all the pupils with a variety of puzzles. The children really enjoyed the sessions, trying to solve the different problems with the rest of the team. They developed their problem solving skills as well as their communication skills and enjoyed the feeling of achieving a difficult task as part of a team. Fatimah said it was, ‘So good!’ and described one activity which involved balancing lots of penguins on an iceberg and explained that her team really thought about the task before successfully completing it. Finntan and William explained how they worked together to make a hexagon in which the colours on each piece couldn’t match and Brooke said she enjoyed building a model of a castle with her group out of lots of pieces. Thank you to Mrs Street for organising the event and for helping the children to learn some very valuable skills.

Out and About with Year 6

I watched Year 6 in action with our new laptops at the end of last week. They were learning about the Seven Wonders of the World and were creating a graph to show when each site was found. After an introduction into the Wonders of the World and an explanation, the children were off creating their graphs. I was impressed with the ease in which they were able to use the Microsoft Excel programme, making sure that the axes were labelled and that the columns were the correct width before choosing their own design. Manahil talked me through each operation and had a very accomplished understanding of the process. I also watched Hassan guide Alexander through the process who had just returned from a music lesson. I was impressed by his ability to give good clear instructions which were followed quickly and correctly. The children really enjoyed using the technology and needed very little support from Mrs Haythornthwaite. All the graphs were finished in about 15 minutes, a process that would have taken double that time if they were created by hand. I was very pleased to see technology and skills learnt in ICCT being used to support other curriculum lessons and not only speeding up the process but also enhancing the quality of the work. A lot of the work completed on the laptops will be on display on our Open Day on 13th March. The money raised by the PTA at the Cabaret Evening will be used to buy a class set of ipads/tablets to be used by the whole school which I hope will be in action after Easter. 


Thank you to all the members of the PTA who helped at their secret shop on Friday. It was lovely to see the children really thinking about what they were selecting and knowing what the person they were buying for would like. I hope you all have a great weekend and children remember to make Sunday a very special day for our mums!

Chess Congress

Last Saturday, 6 Highfield pupils took part in the latest Lancashire Junior Chess Congress at Darwen.

Although, on this occasion, we had no group winners, Dev gained 2 1/2 points and Harry 2 points in Rooks while Matthew and John gained 2 1/2 points in the Knights section. Well done to all who took part. 

School Skiing Competition

Henry, Sophie, Natasha, Jacob and Suzanna took part in a schools competition at Pendle dry ski slope last weekend against thirty other schools from all over the North West. To my knowledge, this is the first time that the school has taken part in a ski competition. The children really enjoyed the day which consisted of completing a slalom course. Pictures of the team can be seen on our Facebook page.

Rugby v AKS

It was snowing in the morning with a covering on the ground but by the afternoon we were playing rugby against AKS in Lytham! All the boys in Year 5 and 6 were very excited that the game had not been cancelled and even with the strong wind and rain in the second half, their enthusiasm and effort did not diminish. Our Under 10s team actually improved their performance, taking the game to the opponents with excellent tackling, especially from Alexander M and Oliver G. Noah ran a number of tries for Highfield and we eventually won the game after a very spirited performance. The Under 11s game was also end-to-end with strong running from Kenny and Matthew and a much improved performance from Finntan. Although Highfield scored a number of tries, AKS’s tackling was better and they won the game. The noise levels in the changing rooms and their very refreshed wind-blown faces after the game suggested the boys really enjoyed the experience and they continued to discuss every little detail of their match all the way back to school. Thank you to Mr Briers and AKS for hosting us. Next week will be the last game of the season against Westholme School.

National ISA Cross Country

Congratulations to Oliver G who was selected to represent the North at the National Cross Country Competition in Rugby last weekend.

Merit Awards

RD: Luca  RF: Bethan  1D: Evie  1W: Haaris  2M: Lucie

3J: Darcey  3M: Holly  4D: Matthew  4S: The Whole Class  5H: Holly  5M: Caisey  6H: Ben

Monitor of the week: Dev

A Mother's Love
Your arms are always open when I need a hug. Your heart understands when I need a friend. Your gentle eyes are stern when I need a lesson. Your strength and love guide me and give me wings to fly.


Yours sincerely

J M Duke