Highfield Priory
Apr 23, 2016

Headmaster's Weekly News, Friday 22nd April, 2016

22 April 2016 


Dear Parents 

Thank you 4D for a very interesting Assembly this morning about St. George which will be celebrated across the country tomorrow. I really enjoyed listening to the history of St. George which included facts such as when his emblem was introduced as the flag of England. I also liked hearing how, like St George, you have been thinking about obstacles that you have to face and how you are going to overcome them. This links in with our school theme this term: determination. I think your Assembly will certainly inspire those watching to approach every hurdle they face this term with increased determination; well done 4D! Thank you Mr Drake for organising this Assembly. 

Out and About with Pre-School 

The sun has been shining this week and the children have really been taking advantage of this wonderful weather. I popped into Pre-School to see what they were up to. I watched Joshua and Raees who were rolling a big tyre together and showing excellent team work. Alexander, Arthur and Toby were playing an imaginative game in which they were sitting very closely together in the house, with big grins on their faces, saying that they were hiding from a bear! Aamir was keen to show me the new bridge, walking across it very proudly before showing me you could swing on it as well.  Mrs Harrison was being creative with Samira, Amaanah and Polly cutting and sticking different bits of paper to make a picture. They were deep in concentration, creating a masterpiece! Finally, I went inside to watch Amelia, Naina and Siya who were working in a small group with Miss Halstead on their CVC words. They first recognised the words saying them out loud, then spent time recognising different pictures before writing the word down on a board. The children really enjoyed the activity and were keen to show what they could do and keen to improve their ability to write down the words. I really enjoyed my morning in Pre-School, watching the children take full advantage of a variety of activities and interacting with each other and the staff.   

Pre-School also had an exciting day yesterday. To celebrate the Queen’s Birthday, they made scones and had a picnic; the Queen would definitely approve! 

Year 3 Problem Solving 

Here are three comments from the children who obviously really enjoyed their problem solving afternoon: 

I loved our problem solving afternoon. There were four activities and all of us loved it. I enjoyed the water activity the best. There were poles and a bucket and we had to transfer the water from one bucket to another. 

I loved it all. I think the one we all loved was when we had to use the plastic boxes to cross an imaginary swamp. We all worked as a team. It was lovely to be in.  Thank you to Mrs Jones for taking all her time to set it up and she has a baby! And Mr Turner and Miss McShane for their help. 

Yesterday, we did problem solving. It was so much fun! My favourite one was the swamp stompers even though we didn’t get that far. I even liked the water one even though I did it with a boy.  

Thank you to Mrs Jones for organising the afternoon.  

Archibald’s War 

Final preparations are taking place for Thursday’s performance of Archibald’s War. The children are starting to get very excited about showing you what they have been working on. There are still a few people who haven’t picked up tickets from the office. The remaining tickets will be going to the people on our waiting list at the beginning of next week. 

Chess News 

Congratulations to Kairavi who represented the Lancashire Girls’ team last weekend who came fourth in the Nationals at Cheadle Hulme School. 

Good luck to Ivan and Eryk who are taking part in the National Under 9s Final for Lancashire this weekend. 

ISA Football 

Our Under 11s took part in the Northern ISA Finals on Thursday.  All the boys played very well and tried to maintain a very high tempo against some very experienced schools who had many talented players amongst their ranks.  The boys lost in the semi-final to Lady Barn House School – the eventual winners of the competition.  Mr Turner would like to congratulate the boys on their efforts and commitment to football throughout the year. 


The PTA will be organising a Film Night on 20th May. Ticket and film information will be released as soon as the details have been finalised.  


We now have spare inhalers in the office. If your child has asthma and you would like them to use a school inhaler, in an emergency, please could you fill in the consent form that is attached to this newsletter and return it to Mrs McIlwaine.  

Warmer Weather 

Sun cream – Please could all children bring in a named bottle of sun cream which will be kept at school. 

Sunglasses – I am afraid we do not allow sunglasses in school for safety reasons and because we cannot guarantee that they will not be accidentally broken. 


All-Weather Pitch 

Thorntons will be returning to school next week to complete the groundwork surrounding the all-weather pitch. 


Merit Awards 

RD: Hugo  RF: Eliza  1D: Ibraheem  1W: Jack  2M: Alaia 

3J: Yawar  3M: William  4D: The Whole Class  4S: Ellie  5H: Fatimah  5M: Amelia  6H: Rohan 

Monitor of the week: Alexander  


Thought for the Week 

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination. Tommy Lasorda 


Yours sincerely  

J M Duke