Highfield Priory
May 27, 2016

Headmaster's Weekly News, Friday 27th May, 2016

27 May 2016



Dear Parents


Thank you, 1W, for your Assembly this morning. I really enjoyed listening to and learning about the subject you have been studying in class on plants and seeds. You spoke very clearly and were incredibly composed in front of the whole school. It was lovely to hear how you have been making use of the good weather over the last few weeks to explore Highfield Haven and to look at the new plants growing. I hope this Assembly inspires the whole school to look at their gardens over half term and see what wonderful plants and flowers are growing there. Thank you Year 1 and Mrs Wilson for arranging the Assembly.


News from the Nursery

Children in our Baby Unit right through to our Nursery have been enjoying the sunshine this week. We have enjoyed walks on the Guild Wheel, collected natural objects from Highfield Haven to make transient art faces and we have tried to catch all the butterflies flying around in our Nursery garden.


Infant Sports Day

What a fantastic afternoon! The children took part in an array of athletic events, ranging from the egg and spoon to the sack race. The children performed as part of a team representing countries from around the world. We witnessed some incredible jumps and throws and we definitely have a few potential Olympians for the future! The children impressed me with the way they supported and encouraged each other and their enjoyment for each event really shone through with plenty of big smiles and laughter. Congratulations to Japan who were the team winners of the event and thank you to Miss McShane for organising the afternoon.


Manor Adventure

41 pupils travelled to Manor Adventure in Shropshire today to take part in a range of adventurous activities, including canoeing, archery and an underground maze. The children have been talking about the trip for weeks and are very excited. We will be updating our Facebook pages throughout the weekend so you can follow their activities. Mr Drake has also promised that the technology and pictures will be even better than last year. A waterproof camera promises action shots whilst canoeing!


Year 6 visit to Leighton Hall by Hassan (6H)

On Tuesday 24th May, Year 6 visited Leighton Hall in Carnforth. The sixteen children who sat in the coach were accompanied by Mrs Haythornthwaite alongside Mrs Shackleton who seemed delighted to be travelling with us. When we reached our destination, nearly everyone gasped with astonishment - this colossal home was certainly picturesque! We were graciously greeted by our guide, who introduced herself as Pam and told us that she actually lived in a part of the house for her job, which she adored.

We were then taken into the main entrance where we saw two paintings of the family ancestors who had resided in the home.  Pam showed us a musket that dated back to the eighteenth century and told us that it was the type of gun that required gunpowder to be put in with lead before being mixed up with a stick named a tamper. Next, we were shown a design of the initial architecture of Leighton Hall and many of us were astounded to see that it looked completely different to how it appeared today; this was due to the fact that it had been burnt down and utterly destroyed until the final heir’s husband decided to rebuild Leighton for her but this time it was to have a new style: a gothic façade (a façade is a French term for a “false front”). Pam also told us about how the Victorians used to punish people and that this was often worse than the actual crime! We learnt that someone who stole some trousers was sent all the way to Australia!

In the music room, Dev, William, Alex and Angi entertained us all on the piano – they were very privileged to be able to play the baby grand Steinway piano at Leighton Hall.

Our next activity was to watch the bird of prey display in which we learnt about the rearing of baby birds and how the birds allow the female to eat first. After that, we met a kestrel named Sparky who kept flying away.  He would only come to his owner if there was food in his hand; Sparky was clever and tried to pinch the food without being caught! We were extremely entertained by all of the displays we had seen and would love to come again with our families.


Year 1 Trip to the Seaside

On Wednesday, Year 1 visited Fleetwood as part of their history topic: ‘Seaside Holidays Now and Then’. They spent the morning at the town museum, taking part in several activity sessions. These included meeting a boarding house owner, learning about steam engines, playing with Victorian toys and creating pebble art. The boys dressed up in sailor suits and the girls wore aprons and mop caps. We had a Victorian photograph taken with a camera on a tripod and had to remember to, ‘Watch the birdie!’ We ended our morning with a Punch and Judy Show. After a picnic lunch, we played on the beach and walked along the promenade. A busy and exciting day! We sang ‘Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!’ all day long!


New PE and Games Uniform

The new PE and Games Uniform is now available from Monkhouse.

The kit will be available from Reception upwards, with the introduction of a Games top for boys instead of a Polo top in Year 3. It is expected that Reception will buy the new kit for September and Year 3 boys will purchase the new Games top; other year groups can purchase the new kit as they grow out of their old one.

There is no pressure to make the transition for September. I have received so much positive feedback and questions about when it will be ready from parents and children that I have decided that the children can wear it for this term. I know a lot of children have grown out of the sports uniform they bought in September and are excited about wearing the new kit. We also have a number of events after half-term and I see no reason why the children should not wear the new uniform. It will also give parents and children a chance to have a look at it before making the change. I am looking forward to seeing the children wearing the new kit. I hope they will be proud to wear the Highfield PE and Games Uniform which is more suitable for the amount of sport that they play and the level at which they are playing it.

The new Sports Uniform is available from Monkhouse who are in the Fishergate Centre or online. They will also be coming into school on Friday 17th June from 3pm onwards. Please note that the boys’ Games top will not be in the shop this week but it will be available to order.


Calling All 'Old Boys' and 'Old Girls'!

We are hosting an Alumni Hockey Event on Friday 17th June. This will start at 4pm with the old boys and girls training and offering advice to our present pupils. This will then be followed by an exhibition match between old boys and girls. If you know any of our Alumni who currently play hockey and would like to take part in this event or if you would just like to come along and support the players on the day, please do get in touch with the school so we can have an idea of numbers and organise the event successfully. I will also be delighted to arrange tours of the school so you can see any recent developments and reminisce about your own time at Highfield. We have had a number of old boys and girls getting in touch with the school over the last few years and we also have a number of existing parents who were pupils at Highfield so it would be great to see as many of you here on the day as possible. Please have a look at our Alumni Facebook page for further details and confirm your attendance by emailing rmcshane@highfieldpriory.co.uk



The next HPPTA meeting is Thurs 16th June. All welcome.

Fathers' Day Shop - advance notice

This year's Fathers' Day Shop will follow the same format as in previous years and will run on Friday 17th June during the school day. Gifts cost £5 each. You will receive a letter with further information after the half term break. Many thanks in advance for your support.



Year 6 Cycling Proficiency Tests

Please could all Y6 children remember to bring their bicycle and helmet into school on Monday 13th June for the cycling proficiency tests.  Any child whose bicycle did not pass the road safety checks held on 23rd May should ensure their bicycle is repaired and road-safe in time for the 13th please.


Sporting News

Congratulations to Katie H for being the youngest girl in the region to qualify at her 1st regional level swimming competition. Well done, Katie!


Whole School Photograph

The school photograph was cancelled yesterday due to the weather. It has now been rearranged for Tuesday 14th June, all children must come to school in uniform.


Merit Awards

RD: Evie   RF: Thomas  1D: Diya  1W: The Whole Class  2M: Edie   

3J: Zainab  3M: Adam  4D: Gabrielle  4S: Zaynab  5H: Faheema  5M: Clare  6H: Kairavi

Monitor of the week: Rohan


Thought for the Week

It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves- in finding themselves.

André Gide


I hope you all have a good half-term break and manage to spend some quality time with your families. I look forward to seeing you all on 13th June.


Yours sincerely


J M Duke