Highfield Priory
Jul 1, 2016

Headmaster's Weekly News, Friday 1st July, 2016

1 July 2016

Dear Parents


Reception Assembly

Thank you Reception for a brilliant assembly this morning. I really enjoyed hearing about what you have been learning this year in class. We listened to songs about days and months of the year, spring and a song in French about parts of the body. You have learnt so much! I was also amazed by your confidence and the delivery of all those words in front of the whole school. You should all be very proud of your achievements this year and I can’t wait to see what heights you will go on to achieve next year! Keep aiming high! Mr Sheppeck


Year 5 Visit to Jodrell Bank

Our first activity of the day was in the inflatable planetarium, it was brilliant! To start off with we were told to sit on some chairs whilst we learnt about the planets and then we went into the inflatable planetarium.  When we were inside, my class and I were in what looked like the middle of a field.  It was too early to see the stars so our instructor changed the time so that it went dark and then she removed the atmosphere so the sky went black.  We saw all the stars and we were told that if a light is flickering it is a star; if it is bigger and not flickering it is a planet. We found 2 planets: one was Saturn and one was Mars, we had a vote to see which one we wanted to zoom into. Saturn had the most votes so we had a closer look at Saturn and learnt about it.  At the end we looked at what shapes the Greeks thought stars made, they made all sorts of things: Pegasus, a sparrow, Hercules and a dolphin.  Millie


The way that we zoomed in on the planets Jupiter and Saturn was incredibly realistic and it gave the impression that I was actually on a spaceship speeding towards the planets. Shaylen


My favourite part of the day was the Rover challenge.  You had to build a Rover out of 2 balloons, 2 straws, 1 long piece of string and 2 shorter pieces of string.  In this challenge you had to put an egg on your Rover and drop it from a 2 metre height.  There were five teams, every group’s egg cracked.  Our team’s Rover flipped over and landed on the egg.  I really enjoyed my day at Jodrell Bank, I would go again with my family.  Thank you to Ruth and Alan for running the activities. Thomas


Year 2 Trip to the Titanic Exhibition by Year 2

Yesterday we went to the Titanic Exhibition at Liverpool Maritime Museum. First, we went upstairs and did a play about a lucky family who survived the voyage. We performed a role play about this family who were in First Class. Hamza was a boy called Douglas, Hiba was Auntie Annette, Tia was mum and I was a posh lady because I had a long pink jacket and Lucie wore the life jacket. After the Play, we went to the Titanic Exhibition. There was a huge model of the Titanic, there were pictures and photos, movies and phones which you could listen to with information about the Titanic. Finally we had our lunch! We then took a walk near the River Mersey and saw lots of Liverpool birds and an anchor. We also saw a big building that looked like Big Ben! It was a very good trip and we learnt a lot of interesting facts. Thank you Year 2 for your account of what sounded like an excellent trip. Well done!  


Annual Bake-Off!

It is our annual Bake-Off on Monday with the theme for this year being ‘Sport’. Please could all bakes be brought to the back of the dining hall on Monday morning. Children may bring £2 into school in order to buy cakes at playtime. Please could Infants and Nursery bring money in a named envelope. There may also be cakes available to purchase at the end of the day. Happy baking! I have certainly heard a number of very ambitious ideas from the children this week!


Pre-School Sports Day

This was an excellent event which was held last Friday with all our Pre-School children competing in a range of events from a sack race to the obstacle course. The children were very excited and thoroughly enjoyed showing their parents what they have been practising in class. The parents and children’s race at the end was a definite highlight with parents completing a set of hurdles hand in hand with their child! It was very competitive! Thank you to Miss McShane for organising this event.


Sporting Stars visit Highfield

Next week, we have two more sporting stars coming into Highfield. On Monday we have GB hockey star Sally Walton coming in to take hockey sessions with the children and on Thursday we have Mrs McGrath who plays tennis at England Seniors level. I am delighted that they will be joining us in school and it will be a very fitting end to our celebration of sport this year.

ISA Rounders

Congratulations to our ISA rounders team who finished fourth in the North Region Tournament on Thursday.


National Athletics Finals at The Alexander Stadium, Birmingham

Congratulations to James and Olivia D who represented the North at the National Finals in Birmingham. Olivia achieved Bronze medals in the 75m and the 150m and a Silver in the 4x100m Relay. James achieved a Silver medal in the relay. There will be photographs posted on Facebook over the weekend of both children on the track and receiving their medals from the Ambassador for Sport for the ISA. Well done to both pupils, this is an excellent achievement out of 370 schools in the Independent Schools’ Association.


Move-Up Afternoon 

This will take place next Friday. The following are the classes for next year:

RD will move to 1D with Mrs Davidson.

RF will move to 1W with Mrs Wilson.

1D will move to 2F with Mrs Field.

1W will move to 2M with Mr Murray.

2M will move to 3M with Mrs Morrice.

3J will move to 4S with Mr Sheppeck.

3M will move to 4H with Mrs Hill.

4D will move to 5M with Miss Macklam

4S will move to 5D with Mr Drake

5H will move to 6H with Mrs Haythornthwaite.

5M will move to 6J with Mrs Hewins.


HPPTA Summer Fayre

Our annual Summer Fayre is fast approaching and is to be held on Sunday 10th July from 1-4pm. All families and friends of Highfield Nursery and School are warmly invited to come along and support this event. Not only will there be Highfield Priory's first mixed football tournament, we'll hear from Young Voices, watch our Street Jazz dancers, have a chance to throw wet sponges at teachers and enjoy all the other great stalls and activities on the day.

By now you should have received a book of raffle tickets with an amazing top prize of a PlayStation 4! Please buy/sell as many tickets as possible. Any unwanted tickets please return to the school office. 

This year, we also have Riverford, the organic fruit and vegetable provider, visiting us and not only can you buy fresh produce, you can also sign up to a regular delivery from Riverford which in turn earns the HPPTA money.

Sports fans - don't worry! The Wimbledon men's final will be shown in the dining room and those of you anticipating an exciting Euro 2016 football final can take home curries, cakes and drinks after the fayre so you're ready to continue the fun at home!

This Summer Fayre, we are raising money for new interactive whiteboards. Please come along and enjoy the day! HPPTA


Merit Awards

RD and RF: The Whole Class  1D: Isa  1W: Arianna  2M: Hashbala

3J: Francesca  3M: Abdullah  4D: Faatimah  4S: Henry  5H: Mohamed  5M: Haris  6H: Hassan


Thought for the Week

A loving heart is the truest wisdom. Charles Dickens


Yours sincerely,


J M Duke