Highfield Priory
Sep 16, 2016

Headmaster's Weekly News, Friday 16th September, 2016

16 September 2016


Dear Parents,

It’s the second week back and activities are well underway. It has been lovely to see all the children in action and the all-weather pitch in full use. The children have enjoyed some excellent weather and are making the most of the outside areas for their play time and lessons. In HPSED, the children have been paying close attention to their table manners with straight backs, holding cutlery correctly, polite conversation and eating with their mouths closed! They have been trying really hard to impress staff and monitors and have been rewarded with stickers and house points for exemplary manners. I hope you are all seeing an improvement at home too! Miss McShane’s Bitesize Bootcamp also started this week. The children were put through their paces and introduced to a number of new pieces of equipment all before 8.30am! They came into school invigorated and raring to go, especially Year 5 who were trialling the new assessment program on the laptops in class.

Out and About in Year 1

I visited 1D on Wednesday to see how the children were doing in a more formal classroom environment. They were about to start their second piece of creative writing of the term already! In their first piece, they were asked to write about a story they had listened to in class which featured a giraffe called Gerald. They wrote some lovely sentences:

‘Gerald the giraffe could dance but he had the wrong music.’

‘Gerald the giraffe lived in the jungle.’

He had really caught their imagination. On Wednesday, they were writing about themselves. Mrs O’Shea first asked the children a range of questions to warm them up to this topic. Hands were flying up everywhere! They were asked what their favourite food was - Hugo said tomato and Anoush said strawberry; Hiba and Haya said cucumber and carrots; Joseph said sausage and pasta. They were then asked what they liked doing at home - Leo said playing with his train track and Yusuf said watching television. The questions were then turned on me! Haya asked me what my favourite colour was and what was my favourite TV programme? I said I liked the colour blue and I was enjoying the British Bake Off. Mrs O’Shea then asked the same final question to the children. Frank said Star Wars and Lily said Disney. The children were then given a series of sentences to copy with gaps to fill in which made the sentences personal to them. The children quickly got on with the task, excited about producing their second piece of work.  They all took real care with their first letter, making sure it was a capital letter and then making sure they had finger spaces between words. I watched Evie and Moin progress on quickly and carefully to the second line. Diya, Manavi and Luca were deep in concentration, making sure their presentation was perfect. Congratulations 1D on an excellent start to your second week of term.

Open Day

We will be holding an Open Morning on Thursday 6 October, 9am-12noon. We are always looking for new places to advertise our school and place our banners in prominent positions.  If you have any ideas for us, please could you email   aguthrie@highfieldpriory.co.uk

Your support is invaluable and much appreciated.  If you have friends, family or colleagues who may be interested in Highfield, please invite them to attend. If the 6th is not convenient, parents are always welcome to arrange a private appointment and tour of the school.

Mr Forrest

Mr. Forrest has been absent with illness since his annual summer break. We look forward to welcoming him back in better health on Tuesday.  I would like to thank Mr Mills who has been covering in the short term and will continue on Monday.

School Closure

The school was closed on Thursday due to a burst pipe on Fulwood Row. I am sorry for the inconvenience this caused and I would like to thank parents for their understanding.


Thank you for your support with the security system which is designed to protect your child within school. The doors into school remain closed until 3.30pm. Infants are brought to the usual pick-up points at 3:15pm and Juniors are released into the Junior Playground for collection at 3:30pm (the dining room will be open to shelter parents if it is raining). Infant children taking part in after school activities will be brought down to the Quad and Junior children taking part in activities will come down to the Junior playground or the Homework room.

Transparent Water Bottles

Please could I remind parents to make sure that their children have a water bottle in school, particularly in the hot weather. The water bottle must be transparent and no larger than half a litre. We will always allow a child to fill up or refresh their water bottle in school.

Dates for the Diary

Tuesday 20 September - Year 3 Curriculum Evening 6pm.

Wednesday 21 September-Rearranged Year 2 Curriculum Evening 6pm.

Thursday 22 September - Year 5 Curriculum Evening 6pm.

Friday 23 September – New Parents’ Coffee Morning

Merit Awards

RD: Siya  1D: Hiba  1W: Joshua  2F: Evie  2M: Haaris

3M: Hashbala  4H: Eryk  4S: Aditya  5D: Henry  5M: Elizabeth  6H: Isabel  6J: Suzanna

Thought for the Week

Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners. Laurence Sterne


Yours sincerely

J M Duke