Highfield Priory
Sep 23, 2016

Headmaster's Weekly News, Friday 23rd September, 2016

23 September 2016

Dear Parents


This morning, we had our first celebration assembly for the children’s achievements outside of school. It was wonderful to hear about all the children’s activities and to celebrate their achievements. The variety of activities was quite amazing from kayaking the length of Ullswater and back to swimming a mile for charity to name but a few. We certainly have a very talented and adventurous group of children at Highfield. 


Grammar School Exams

Good luck to all the members of Year Six who are taking the Grammar School Exams tomorrow. We will be thinking of you -good luck!


Out and About With our Babies

I was out and about with our babies on Thursday. I was very lucky to join them on a walk of the grounds on a beautiful sunny morning; not a bad way to start your working day! The amazing light created lots of different shades of colour and the children’s eyes and ears were drawn to all the different shapes, colours and noises outside. Molly pointed to the leaves and was really animated with any slight noise or movement raising her hand into the air. Evelyne was sitting very calmly and contentedly next to her companion, sharing Molly’s woolly sheep, Ewan. She was listening to Miss Kidd and Miss Gordon as they talked about the different trees, leaves and birds. Henry and Jemima were in the other pram and were also very engaged, taking in everything around them. They looked at the owls in Highfield Haven and the different colours of the plants and the wild flowers. It was lovely to see the children in the grounds on such a beautiful morning. There was so much to see and listen to in this very natural environment, with the reassuring words of Miss Kidd and Miss Gordon teaching the children about the world around them. Thank you to our babies for a very enjoyable start to the day; it definitely put a spring in my step!


Potential Plus Award

This week we were re-awarded our Potential Plus 3 Gold Stars certificate. This is awarded for the opportunities that Highfield provides for the able, gifted and talented (or children that show high learning potential). These opportunities are provided through classroom and curriculum based enrichment, extension opportunities and also all the extra-curricular activities we offer as a school. Only 3 schools in the UK have been assessed and received 3 stars. Congratulations to Mrs Street, the staff and the children for this fantastic achievement. 


Student Council

Congratulations to all the pupils who have been selected to be our student councillors this term. I know you will represent the views and opinions of your class with clarity and conviction. I look forward to meeting you all at our first meeting next Wednesday.

Student Councillors: 1D Haya   1W Hollie   2F Isa   2M Ariana   3M Alaia   4H Natasha 

4S Zainab   5D Sophie   5M Nathaniel   6H Mohamed   6J Haris.   



It is our Harvest Festival next Friday. Please could children bring in the following donations:

Nursery, Pre-School and Reception non-perishables in tins or packets.

Year 1 - biscuits. Years 2 to 6 – a small donation in an envelope.

The money will go towards Water Aid and the gifts will be taken to Bethany House by our Year 5s. Thank you in advance for your kind donations. 


New Parents’ Coffee Morning

It was lovely to see so many new parents at school this morning for our Coffee Morning. The school continues to grow each year and it is always a very special occasion to welcome new parents and children into the Highfield family.



Many thanks to all those who came to our meeting last Friday morning.

We are currently working on a HPPTA information pack that intends to help both new and existing parents to find out more about HPPTA - how we can help you and how you can help us. We aim to make this available before October half term.

Claire Jones, our current Chair, is standing down at the end of this academic year due to other commitments. Until a new Chair is appointed, Gemma Bradley has kindly agreed to help Claire with this role, with a view to taking over the post in the future. If there is anyone else who would like to come forward as Chair please let HPPTA know via the school office or the Highfield Priory PTA Facebook page. Many thanks.



Wow!! What an excellent match for the first match of this academic year. The playing squad consisted of 10 girls in total from Years 5 and 6. The girls and I were nervous about the first match as Rossall play a lot of hockey and it is their main sport. We played four ten minute matches which was ideal and we treated the first match as a training match. The forwards: Jemima, Olivia D and Holly, showed excellent speed running onto the ball when it had been passed from Katie in centre midfield. Katie’s passing up the pitch to the forwards was excellent. Millie and Olivia E were defenders along with Charlotte, Bebe and Apala and all the girls showed great tackling skills and were strong in defence, making it hard for Rossall to get through to try to score against Abigail. Abigail played in goal and made some fantastic saves when Rossall applied the pressure.

The final score was 6-2 to Highfield!  The player of the match award goes to the whole team for showing such determination and skill in their first match of the season. Mrs Parsons



This was the first netball match of the year. Both teams showed good, accurate passing and started to use the width of the court. The shooting was quick and showed great potential. We will be working on our reaction time to get free, penalty passes and following in the shots in the next few weeks during Games and Netball practice. The A team won 6-1 and the B team won 11-1

Well done, girls! Mrs Parsons



The boys hosted Westholme at football this week on the grass and the all-weather pitch. They were excellent games with really good skills shown from all teams so early in the season. The final score was 3-2 to Westholme on the grass and 5-0 to us on the all-weather pitch.


Merit Awards

RD: Hanna  1D: Diya  1W: Muhammad  2F: Aadi  2M: Sam

3M: Saimah  4H; William  4S: Beth  5D: Lilland  5M: Charlottte  6H: Mohamed  6J: Hayyan 

Monitors of the week: Fatimah and Ahmed


Thought for the Week

I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in tune once more. 

John Burroughs


Yours sincerely


J M Duke