Highfield Priory
Oct 7, 2016

Headmaster's Weekly News, Friday 7th October, 2016

7 October 2016

Dear Parents


Thank you 5D for your fantastic assembly on The Tudors this morning. After going back in your time machine to the Tudor Period, you gave us a whistle-stop tour of all the Kings and Queens. The acting was excellent and you totally absorbed your audience with your humour and your very clear voices emphasised the major events of the period. You certainly looked like you have enjoyed studying this period and it was a great follow-on to your fieldtrip to Speke Hall last week. Thank you 5D and Mr Drake for organising the assembly.


Open Morning

The sun was shining on Thursday morning to greet all prospective and current parents to the school. The visitors were very impressed by the quality of work on display, the school facilities and the good manners and enthusiasm of the children, especially our Year Six who were commended for being excellent guides.


Individual and Family Photographs

These will take place next Tuesday, 11 October.


Speke Hall - Extract from Bebe’s Recount

In our History lessons, we are studying The Tudors so visiting Speke Hall gave me a valuable insight into how life was in those times. As soon as I arrived at Speke Hall, I was mightily impressed by the magnificent grandeur of the hall and the typical, traditional black and white patterns.

The first thing our group did was to have a tour around the outside. Speke Hall dates back to 1530. It was built by the Norris family, who wanted to show off their wealth and importance. The basic materials used to construct the building were wattle and daub. Surrounding the house were beautiful gardens which were originally designed in the 1850s. The most interesting garden feature at that time was a pair of yew trees called Adam and Eve. The guide even mentioned those trees today. The outside of the hall was very distinctive with its symmetrical pattern and the stained-glass windows were apparent.

After the tour of the outside, we went indoors. The guide told us about a priests’ hole which we were able to see. This was for when visiting clerics could hide from the authorities.

The bedrooms were very elaborate and rich in design. They all had four poster beds with heavy, detailed throws on them. These were made out of velvet, damask and brocade fabrics. However, they were not very comfortable as the beds were made out of straw and full of insects making you itch!

The main hall was large with grand features. The Tudor period was all about wealth and prosperity. What was noticeable throughout the house was the dark, oak panelling and rich velvet fabrics. The walls were covered with tapestries and embroideries; heavy chests, wooden floors and benches were seen throughout. I had a fantastic day and learnt so much about the Tudors.


Out and About with 1W

I visited 1W this week, the day after their class fieldtrip to Bring Yer Wellies. They were in the process of completing write-ups about their trip and they were all very excited to tell me what they had been up to. Thomas E told me about a game they played which involved hiding in a den they had built before taking it in turns to run and ring a bell before returning to the den. Amber told me that the bell belonged to a pirate who lived down the river! Thomas also told me about two onions he had harvested. Eliza said that she enjoyed playing the game with crates and building dens.  Taylor said she planted mint and lavender in pots with soil. Jaya said she had dug up two potatoes. She was tickled by the information that if you eat chicken you eat worms because chickens eat worms! Aaron enjoyed playing in the sand which they called ‘the beach’ making volcanoes and Hollie explained how she filled a pot all the way to the top with soil before planting. The trip had certainly inspired the children as we can see from their enthusiasm and write-up below.


Our Trip to Bring Your Wellies by Bethan

We played games. Then we planted some potatoes. Then we went to the beach. Then we pulled plants out of the ground.


Rosh Hashanah

I also visited 5M on Wednesday who were talking about the official Jewish New Year: Rosh Hashanah. Daniel and Nathaniel read out an explanation to the class. They said that it had been celebrated on Sunday and Monday because the festival is celebrated over two days and starts on the evening of the day before. They said that they pray for the year ahead which they symbolise by enjoying the fruits of the Autumn Harvest: apples which are dipped in honey! The children were then given the opportunity to try apples dipped in honey while Daniel and Nathaniel wished the members of 5M ‘Shanah Tovah!’ (Good Year!).


More Celebrations This Week

I would like to wish our Hindu and Muslim families a Happy Navaratri and Happy New Year this week.


Football v Roebuck

The senior football team put in a committed performance against a good Roebuck team. Thomas, Noah, Alfie and Zain made a number of notable contributions that resulted in some sparkling, attacking football. Unfortunately, it was a game of fine margins and a couple of defensive lapses when dealing with pressure around the penalty box cost the boys the game. Mr Turner


Football v Bridgewater

The A and B teams played fixtures on Wednesday night against a talented Bridgewater squad. The B team in particular produced a good standard of play with some attractive passing interchanges. Shaylen provided our highlight of the fixture with a defence splitting pass that laid on a fantastic chance for his team mate. The B team won 3-1. Mr Turner


Merit Awards

RD: Amelia  1D: Haya  1W: Eliza  2F: Anshi  2M: Talia

3M: Hiba  4H: Abdullah  4S: Kavya  5D: The Whole Class  5M: Alfie  6H:Abigail  6J: Alexander

Monitor of the week: Malaika


Thought for the Week

The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future. Theodore Roosevelt.


Yours sincerely, 

J M Duke