Highfield Priory
Oct 14, 2016

Headmaster's Weekly News, Friday 14th October, 2016

14 October 2016 

Dear Parents 

6J Assembly

Thank you 6J for your assembly all about ‘Evolution’ this morning which you have been studying in class. It was very interesting to hear how our understanding has developed throughout history and to hear the depth and detail of your study of the subject in class which is very impressive. You coped with some difficult dialogue which you projected well to your audience. I really enjoyed watching you acting out the story of Mary Anning and watching your final song taken from the Horrible History books. A fascinating assembly which I am sure will help you to remember this subject in the future.  


Out and About with 4H in French 

I caught up with 4H at the end of their French Lesson on Tuesday afternoon. They were practising French conversations in front of the rest of the class. They were all very keen to show me what they had been working on. I watched Olivia and Adam first speak confidently in front of the class who were watching intently and enjoying the experience of speaking in French. I was very impressed with their accents and there were only a few minor adjustments by Mrs Morrice which they acted on straight away. They asked each other how they were feeling, how old they were and where they lived.  

The second group were also very confident; Isabelle and Abdullah were really enjoying the experience and also received praise from Mrs Morrice for their pronunciation. Well done to both groups. 


Family Photographs 

I was in charge of the Family and Individual photographs on Tuesday. I always enjoy this morning in the school calendar, greeting the children as they come in looking very smart. I always manage to have a little chat with nearly every child about how they are doing, what lessons they have today or what they did with their families at the weekend. The conversations this year started very early when Samira from Pre-School bounded in looking very excited with a, ‘How are you, Mr Duke?’ I also love watching the interactions between the families. The warmth and smiles that come from each child as their sibling walks into the room; Aibhlin gave Arthur a big cuddle and held hands throughout. Joshua walked confidently into the room and said, ‘Hello Melissa!’ before proceeding to look after each other throughout the session. Lily came in and gave her sister a big smile, reaching across to touch hands. After the photograph, older siblings were given the responsibility of taking their younger sibling back to class. I watched Jack skip off with Georgia hand in hand back to Reception ready and eager to carry on with the rest of the day. It was lovely to spend time with the children and watch the special bond between the families. 


Football v Rossall 

All the boys in Years 5 and 6 were given the opportunity to perform in their first big away trip to Rossall on Wednesday. The sun was shining when we arrived and all the boys were very enthusiastic to get started. The effort from everyone was excellent, tackling hard and making good clearances up field against a very competitive opposition. All the matches were very close and Highfield eventually won two and drew three. The boys ended the day with a very well-received sausage and chips. Thank you Rossall for hosting us on what was a very enjoyable afternoon. 


Year 4 Netball v Oakhill 

All the girls in Year 4 represented Highfield in their first netball match v Oakhill on Thursday. The girls were very excited to have the opportunity to play. The match was played in the sports hall at Oakhill and was split into 4 quarters. Highfield started really positively by scoring the first goal and displayed great teamwork. The shooters showed good movement in the semi-circle, scoring 3 goals. Oakhill fought back and scored 4; the final score was 4-3 to Oakhill. The Highfield attackers and defenders executed some good connecting passes down the court. The girls now need to work in practice and lessons on understanding when to use the different types of passes in the right situation. Well done girls! Mrs Parsons 



Big apologies to all those who have been trying to order personalised cards online. Unfortunately they have had big problems with their ordering system and consequently have further extended the deadline for payment and picture collection. Sunday 16th October 11.59pm is the last opportunity to order and pay online Monday 17th October, deadline for bringing in pictures to schools. Again apologies for this situation, we will review the whole process for next year. Thank you for your patience. 

Diaries and planners - please order your diaries via the order form from the school office.  

To see the products available please visit www.organised-mum.co.uk. Lots of great ways to help organise yourself and a great idea for Christmas and birthdays. HPPTA receives 40% commission on all orders if our group order is over £100, so please support if you can. 

Our very exciting roller disco is next Friday, 21st Oct. Hot dogs and drinks (vegetarian available) in the dining room 5.30-6pm and skating begins in the sports hall at 6pm and finishes at 7.30pm. Tickets are available in the school office priced at £10 for anyone (children and parents) wishing to skate. Tickets are limited so please buy ASAP to avoid disappointment. Many thanks for your support. 


Monkhouse Skirts 

Smaller-waisted skirts are now available to order in a longer length from Monkhouse. 


Data Protection 

Attached to the newsletter is a copy of the Privacy Notice that we are required to send out each year under the Data Protection Act. 


Merit Awards 

RD: Aibhlin  1D: Yusuf  1W: Jaya  2F: Isa  2M: Ariana 

3M: Nandini  4H: Natasha  4S: The Whole Class  5D: Hanin  5M: Faatimah  6H: Holly 

6J: The Whole Class   

Monitors of the week: Faheema and Malaika 


Thought for the Week 

Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you're going to live your life. Joel Osteen 


Yours sincerely 

J M Duke