Highfield Priory
Oct 21, 2016

Headmaster's Weekly News, Friday 21st October, 2016

21 October 2016

Dear Parents

What a busy half-term! Looking back over the newsletters, there has been such a varied amount of activities taking place with so much to celebrate and remember. The weather has really allowed the children to make use of our grounds with many visits to Highfield Haven and we have been able to host lots of matches on our all-weather pitch and newly drained field. The children have enjoyed trips to Speke Hall, Bring Yer Wellies and the Museum of Lancashire; excellent results have come in from the Grammar School examinations and Year 4 have just completed their auditions for next term’s production of The Wizard of Oz. This week has been no exception with Year 5’s French Breakfast, under 11s playing netball away at AKS, the Pre-School Creepy Crawly Roadshow and tonight’s PTA event –The Roller Disco! I hope all our children now enjoy a well-deserved break and return ready for an exciting second half of term and the lead up to Christmas.

Grammar School Results

The results have now all been received from the Grammar Schools for this year 21 children passed the examination which is an incredible result and one of the highest on record. I would like to congratulate all the children who sat the examination and all the parents and teachers for their hard work and support of the children over the years and particularly in the last few months. A great result – well done!

Year 5 - French Breakfast

One of the highlights of the year for Year 5 is their French Breakfast. They all arrived bright and early on Wednesday morning to be served by our very own Mme Morrice. Each child had to order in French saying, “Je voudrais un croissant et du chocolat chaud, s’il vous plait”. Many children, encouraged by staff, continued the conversation in French at their table.

We really focus on improving the children’s oral French at Highfield and this is an excellent way of building confidence in a comfortable environment with the bonus of a French breakfast as a reward! Thank you Mme Morrice for organising the breakfast and Mr McGrath for providing it. Très bien!

Pre-School’s Creepy Crawly Roadshow

What struck me when I walked into the room was how confident and comfortable the children were. They were listening intently, waiting for their chance to hold or touch a creepy crawly! They were given the opportunity to hold 10 different creepy crawlies from Brian the snail to Colin the cockroach! Tracy gave a little introduction about each mini-beast at just the right level for this age-group which many of the children repeated or asked questions about. We learnt that Brian has two noses and that Stanley the stick insect has six legs and likes to live in trees with lots of leaves. I watched Daisy and Wei Ann jump up and take a seat happily before Brian the giant snail was placed in their hands. They gave a big smile for the camera. Alexander, Amaanah, Raees and Reuben had to put their arms out like a tree and let Colin the stick insect crawl across while they also posed with delight for the photograph. Then it was time for Mildred the giant millipede! Joshua jumped up and pulled his sleeves back ready for action before Mildred was placed gently in his hands. Samira, Tabitha and Arthur quickly followed, also holding their hand still for Mildred and all thoroughly enjoying the experience. The last creepy crawly to make an appearance was 23 year old Incy Wincy Spider. The children sang Incy Wincy Spider twice before the very large hairy spider was gently placed in a very brave Miss Halstead’s hands. All our children enjoyed their time with our very special visitors and the photographs will be published on our website in the next few days.

Year 1 Interview Me!

Year 1 have interviewed me since the last newsletter about what it is like to be a leader. They had all prepared questions before I arrived and were each given the chance to ask their question. I was impressed by their confidence and reading skill, considering many of the questions were long and

very insightful. They have obviously been talking a lot about leaders and were intrigued about what I actually do in my office! Below are just a few of the questions and responses from each class.

Do you like showing people around the school? (Joshua)

It is one of my favourite jobs, as I get to see what everyone is doing and I am very proud of our school.

Do you like doing assemblies? (Bethan)

I do. I spend lots of time planning them. I think about what is going on in the world and at school and plan them on a Sunday.

What is your favourite part of your job? (Evie)

I like being with the children. I like seeing you in lessons and watching the progress you make. I enjoy watching you learn new subjects and topics.

Do you like your job? (Yusuf)

Yes. It is very interesting because each day is different. We have a lovely school building and super children and staff to work with.

School Charity

The children have voted today and the school charity for this year will be Just4Children-Warner Brothers Wish to Walk.


It is planned that the security system and new screen for the School Office will be completed over half-term. I will parentmail any new arrangements over half-term once the work has been completed. Thank you for your support.

Staff News

Mrs Smithson begins her Maternity Leave today and I know you will all join with me in sending her and Mr Smithson our very best wishes for a safe delivery.

Netball v AKS

Fifteen excited netball players travelled to AKS for a netball match on Wednesday. The weather was lovely and sunny which the captains had to think about when choosing which end to shoot into first. Both teams showed excellent movement around the court and this resulted in goals being scored. Madeleine scored 3 goals and Grace T scored 2 goals in the B team match. The A team showed excellent versatile play, trying out new positions throughout the game, and the B team’s determination was outstanding as the game was end to end and one goal was in the match until the final whistle. The A team won 16-7: player of the match, Katie and the B team won 5-4: player of the match, Abigail.

We now look forward to playing Harris school after half term. Well played girls! Mrs Parsons

Term Dates

Please find attached term dates for the academic year 2017-2018.

Merit Awards

RD: Lola 1D: Frank 1W: Ayman 2F: Reya 2M: Arianna

3M: Alaia 4H: Hannah 4S: Darcey 5D: James 5M: Matthew 6J: Katie 6H: Fatimah

Monitors of the week: Malaika, Faheema, Oliver

Thought for the Week

Life is about using the whole box of crayons. Anon

Yours sincerely

J M Duke