Highfield Priory
Nov 25, 2016

Headmaster's Weekly News, Friday 25th November, 2016

25 November 2016


Dear Parents


5M Assembly 

Thank you 5M for your assembly this morning on Healthy Lifestyles and Physical Well-being which you have been studying in class. The assembly covered some very important points about exercise and eating the right food. You drew on your own experiences at school as well as talking about what food you like. I also enjoyed the comedy at the start and the 5-a-day song which emphasised your message. Thank you 5M and Miss Macklam for organising the assembly. I know it will encourage us all to lead a healthy lifestyle and make the right choices.  Mr Sheppeck


The Sunday Times League Table

Last Sunday, The Sunday Times League Tables were released. The school achieved its highest position on record of 13th in the country and 1st in Lancashire and the North West (4th outside the London region). This is an incredible achievement and a testament to all the hard work of the children, staff, parents and governors. Thank you all for your continued hard work and support.


Out and About with Pre-School

I visited Pre-School on Thursday morning in the Performing Arts Studio. They were in the process of rehearsing this year’s Christmas performance. Miss Burns asked the children the name of the first dance; Drew responded, ‘The Christmas Mouse’. The children then practised the dance on their tiptoes with their hands held close to their faces like paws. Grace loved this dance, moving around the room with a big smile on her face performing each action perfectly. The children then moved onto ‘The Christmas Pudding’ dance which had lots of actions. Freddie demonstrated a perfect Christmas pudding with his arms in a big circle and his face puffed out! ‘The Robin’ dance was next with Reuben taking the lead, flapping his arms and pecking with his head for food. The final dance I watched was ‘The Reindeer’ dance which involved the children working really well with their partners and, with reins in place, they galloped off around the room. I can’t wait for the final production on 15th December: we are going to be in for a real treat!


Year 6 Visit to The World Museum, Liverpool

On Monday 21st, Year 6 visited the World Museum to listen to a talk on bugs and insects and to go into the Planetarium and to look around part of the Museum.

When we first reached the museum, we listened to a man who talked about bugs. I learnt that we should not be afraid of spiders because most are not harmful. He also told us that the bigger the scorpion the less harmful they are and male spiders have boxing gloves!

On the 5th floor, stood the planetarium. We all got comfortable on seats and watched a mini-film about the telescopes and different scientist’s theories. I learnt that Saturn has 4 moons and the biggest moon is Titan.

After lunch, we went to the Ancient Egypt part of the Museum and it was fascinating. I found out that Egyptians even made coffins for some birds!

I had a terrific time learning many new facts and I would certainly recommend it. Hopefully I can come again soon with my family and see more.

This was taken from plans for an extended piece of writing by Holly and Fatimah. 


Year 2 Trip to Eureka

When I went to Eureka I got on the coach. I was very excited and it was a very long journey.  After the coach stopped at Eureka, I jumped out of the coach and went inside. The first section was all about me. I saw a robot called Zoom and I measured myself. I also pretended to brush fake teeth.

In the last area, my favourite area was 1 and 4. I liked looking at the information about Space. Next, we went to a big blue train and we all had our lunch. I liked having lunch on the train. I didn’t like the carrot juice.  

In the afternoon we went to the Eureka classroom. We met a man called Josh and a woman called Julia and we did lots of activities with fruit and vegetables. I went to a table with Mr Murray and I saw two bowls of raspberries and blueberries and everyone got a turn to mash a type of fruit and then paint with it. I drew a grape.

Thank you Sam, Ariana and Rohan for your very interesting account of your trip to Eureka.


Preston Schools’ Olympics

Eighteen children travelled to The Guild Hall on Thursday to take part in the Preston Schools’ Olympics competing against 22 schools from all over Preston. They took part in events such as

speed-bounce and hurdles. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the day and finished in 3rd place.  Congratulations to all who took part.


ISA Northern Swimming Gala in Macclesfield

Good luck to all our pupils who are going to the ISA Regional Gala this weekend.


Sports Clubs

The last week of sports clubs will be the week commencing Monday 5th December.


Kings Camp

Thank you to everyone who attended the Kings Camp Summer Activity sessions in August.  We have received a high level of positive feedback and are pleased to announce more dates going forward.  The camps are open to all children from Reception upwards and we welcome any child who wishes to attend, so please feel free to bring along your friends who are not Highfield pupils.

Advance notice of dates: Easter 2017: week commencing 3rd April

Summer 2017: weeks commencing 24th and 31st July

We will let you know as soon as it is possible to book these dates to avoid disappointment and to assist with your planning.



‘Home Alone’ Christmas Movie! HPPTA are showing Home Alone, as requested by the children, next Friday, 2nd December. Please buy your tickets from the school office as soon as possible to help us organise the event. Tickets cost £5 for each child and include pizza, a drink and a biscuit before the movie starts. Pizza from 4.30pm and the movie starts promptly at 5pm. Please support this event, it’s a great way to start the run up to Christmas.

Tonight you should receive information concerning HPPTA’s Christmas Party Day and the Christmas Fayre. Also enclosed are raffle tickets. Please label all money sent in for the party day, the class photograph and the raffle tickets clearly, should you choose to buy.

Those not wishing to buy raffle tickets, please return them to the school office so we can sell them on the night. Many thanks for your support – the Christmas Party Day and Fayre is one of the children’s favourite events and creates lasting memories.

Monday 5th December HPPTA are decorating the school for Christmas. Decorating starts at 8.30am and continues until finished, usually approximately 11am. Please join us for this lovely morning and enjoy some festive music, hot drinks and mince pies too!


Merit Awards

RD: Avni  1D: Moin  1W: Bethan  2F: Ibraheem  2M: Hasan

3M: Mariela  4H: Holly  4S: Daisy  5D: Sophie  5M: The Whole Class  6H: Fatimah  6J: Haris

Monitor of the week: Roan


Thought for the Week

Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. Harriet Tubman


Yours sincerely


J M Duke