"Pupils develop excellent levels of knowledge, skills and understanding in a wide range of subjects."

ISI Inspection Report, 2019

Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose Highfield Priory School For Your Child

  1. We have a long reputation of academic excellence. This is our tenth year running in the top 30 of The Sunday Times Top 100 Preparatory Schools in England and our third year in the top ten. We are currently 7th in England and 1st in the North West.
  2. In 2019, we achieved the highest grading possible from the Independent Schools Inspectorate for our School and Nursery: 'Outstanding' (EYFS) and 'Excellent' across all areas (School).
  3. We have been awarded Three Star Gold Membership for our work with Gifted and Talented pupils.
  4. We 'Aim High' for our children and prepare them academically, socially, physically and emotionally for the Grammar, Independent or State Secondary School of their choice.
  5. We have Specialist Teachers and Facilities in Science, Modern Languages, Music, ICT, Drama, Sport, Elocution and Art.
  6. We encourage our children to develop a love and appreciation of the great outdoors through Orienteering and Team Building exercises, a Residential Trip to Shropshire and in our outdoor classroom, Highfield Haven.
  7. Our children discover and develop new talents through our extensive Extra-Curricular Activity Programme.
  8. We hold a firm belief in inclusion: all children are given regular opportunities to build confidence in competitive sporting fixtures and performing on stage in front of an audience. 
  9. We have a long history and a strong sense of tradition and traditional teaching methods; we do not allow government policy to cause us to deviate from giving our pupils a firm and confident grounding in Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.
  10. We work hard to help our pupils to be the best that they can be, but we also work hard for their parents. We know modern life is hectic and unpredictable and we understand the importance of establishing trust and confidence as well as Extended Care to allow for the demands of the working parent.

The latest from Highfield Priory

Year Three have been conducting experiments, in class and at home, to see which objects and materials create a shadow. They tested leather, tiles, bubble wrap, cardboard, glass and many other items and they also looked at what happens when the light source moves closer or further away from the object. At the end of the lesson, Year Three knew what the words ‘opaque’, ‘transparent’ and ‘translucent’ meant. 3M and 3D have also made some shadow puppets. We can't wait to see them! Super work, Year 3! ... See moreSee less

4 days ago

Happy New Year and Welcome to the Spring Term! We were not expecting the new year to begin in this way but our Highfield pupils have sprung into action and faced the new term with a positive attitude and great enthusiasm. This is what today has looked like across our homes and school! Well done, everyone! ... See moreSee less

3 weeks ago

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Looks like you’ve taken it all in your stride 👏

Very grateful for fab teachers!! Thank you for all you’re doing, you’re doing a great job x

Thank you to all the teachers and staff. What a great start to our new normal. We’re very lucky to have the most amazing teachers! 🌟 💯 Aiming high at school and at home 👏🏼

I agree Amazing team and lucky to be part of highfield community Thanks all

Great set-up today, went really smoothly. The children (and parents!) are very fortunate. Thank you Highfield and Teachers x

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