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A Day In The Life Of Our Pre-School

This is what an average day would hold for your child in our Pre-School.

Early Morning

In our Pre-School, we begin to encourage the children towards greater independence. They become used to the morning routine and enjoy telling each other what to do!

8:00 – 9:30am

The children are welcomed by the teacher and Nursery Nurse and are encouraged to hang up their own coat and put their water and snack box in the correct place. They then write their name on the board –at first this is more in the style of mark-making but by the Summer Term most children are able to write their name clearly. It is then “Choosing Time”. A range of activities await the children –these include: rôle play, sand and water play, the book corner, builder’s workshop, music corner, small world play and painting.

The children will be divided into small groups and one group will go with the teacher to the classroom for name writing and phonics work whilst the other group will enjoy another activity like Bubble Painting. The groups will rotate.

9:30 am

Reading time with Mrs Hayes and a trip to the school library.

Mid-Morning - 10.00am

On a Wednesday and Thursday, this is our specialist teacher time. Our French teacher will come from the main school to teach the children French songs and French words and phrases. On a Wednesday, the children will bake with Mrs Field. On other days, the focus is on phonics games and number games. Children who are ready to read will be given the opportunity to read aloud to the teacher or Nursery Nurse.


PE lesson in the Sports Hall with Mrs Parsons.

Lunchtime - 11:30am

Lunchtime in the school dining room.

Our home-cooked meals help your child's strength and development.

Staff eat with the children at meal times, encouraging conversation, social interactions and good table manners.

12:00 noon

Children may return to the Nursery Sleeping room if they still benefit from an afternoon nap.

The children are able to choose how they would like to entertain themselves: indoors or outdoors. The children are always cared for and supervised by familiar Nursery and Pre-School staff.

The Afternoon - 1:15pm

Milk, water or juice is offered to all children. The children are encouraged to become increasingly independent, selecting their own drink and often pouring it for themselves.

By the Summer Term, a formal Registration is carried out at this time –with each child answering his or her name –in preparation for Reception Class.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all our children, using routine times as creatively as possible and taking the opportunity to focus on the individual child.

Class Activity –the children will go on a number hunt or learn a new song with actions and percussion!

Tidy-up time - 2:30 pm

Tidy-up time! The children are encouraged to tidy up after themselves and to learn and remember where things belong.

An afternoon snack (a sandwich) is offered to the children.

3.15 -3:30 pm

End of the Pre-School Day. We have a quarter of an hour pick-up period to tie in with siblings who may be in the Main School.

Extended Care is available from 3:30pm-6:00pm

"The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is outstanding."

Compliance Inspection, 2016

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