Highfield Priory

School Fees

The fees per pupil for the academic year 2016/2017 are £7065 paid annually or £2385 paid termly, to include insurance, trips and lunches. 

Monthly payment plans are available through external providers.

https://www.myschoolfeeplan.com/SCHOOL URL

Sibling discounts apply from Reception upwards at a rate of 5% discount for the second child, 10% for the third and 15% for the fourth child.

Breakfast Club (7.15 am. - 8.00 am.) - £3.50 per day - £15 per week

Extended Care to 6pm, Mon-Fri (term time)


Single child rate per night, per term                            £89

Family rate per night, per term                                  £116

Adhoc -single child per night                                      £8.50

Adhoc -family rate per night                                        £12

Cancellation or a reduction in sessions requires 6 weeks notice in writing.

Late charges apply for children not collected by 6pm (charges are per adhoc rates given above and are charged for every 15 minutes after 6pm).

Notice of removal of a pupil (provisional or definite) must be given in writing, one full term in advance, to take effect at the end of term, or one term's fees must be paid in lieu of such notice.

Nursery School Fees

Please follow this link to our Nursery School Sessions and Holidays page.