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Headmaster's Welcome

Headmaster's News - 30th June 2017

Jun 30, 2017

30 June 2017

Dear Parents


2M Assembly

Thank you 2M for your excellent assembly all about London which was based on what you have been studying in class. You covered an amazing amount of facts about the history of London and its landmarks. You taught us specific details and stories about London Bridge, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben just to name a few of the attractions.  Your level of vocabulary, interesting facts, understanding of the topic and your clear delivery were very impressive. You are certainly ready to make the step up into the Junior School next year. Thank you Mr Murray for organising this assembly.


Year 3 Team Building

Year 3 took part in a problem-solving afternoon on Monday. The children were split into groups and were faced with a number of challenges which they had to complete as a group. It is an excellent exercise which really helps the children to improve their leadership skills as well as their ability to communicate with each other. As the afternoon progressed, you could clearly see an improvement in their listening skills and in their ability to support and encourage one another. This improved the speed with which they completed each activity and it also led to a real bond forming within each team as they enjoyed the success of achieving the challenge. The challenges ranged from crossing an imaginary river to using semaphore to relay a message. Evie and Nandini said the water challenge was their favourite as they had to keep transferring water carefully over obstacles to a bucket in a set amount of time. They didn’t get wet at all! Lucas said that his favourite was Swamp Stompers where they had to cross an imaginary swamp on two planks of wood, working as a team. The children were full of stories of the afternoon’s adventures and how they had fared in each activity they had attempted. Thank you to Mrs Jones for organising the afternoon.



It is Highfield’s annual Bake-Off on Monday. The theme for this year is ‘School’ and all money raised will be going to the charities chosen by the children this year - Just4Children and Derian House. If children would like to buy some of the creations on Monday, please could they bring in £2 in an envelope. Happy baking!


Visit to Jodrell Bank

On 22nd June, Year 5 visited Jodrell Bank; the home of the radio telescopes in the North of England! When we got there, we were all amazed by the size of the telescopes! The first thing we did was split into four groups. Each group had a different activity and then we swapped round - the best bit was when we had to do different tests to see which of the 5 mystery rocks was a real meteorite!

After that, we went to a room that had a clockwork solar system in it which was controlled by a black handle. Around the sides of the room was lots of information and pictures about space. Then we had lunch! The best bit of the day was when we learnt about Mars and had to make Mars Rover Landing Systems! I really enjoyed Jodrell Bank and would like to go back again.  Nathaniel, 5M


When we arrived, I was really excited! When I saw the giant telescope, called The Lovell Telescope, I was speechless. It was huge and detected radio waves from space.

We did some experiments which were: detecting light, checking the mass of objects, seeing how craters were made and an investigation to find out which rock was a meteorite.

My favourite part of the day was the meteorite experiment. We figured it out and I was told I was holding a rock that was over 4 billion years old from space itself! We also got to see the Whispering Dishes where you had to whisper into a dish and somebody could hear you from 200m away!  Sophie E, 5D


Pre-School Sports Day

On Friday, we witnessed one of the highlights of the Pre-School year: Sports Day. The children have been training hard over the last few weeks with Mrs Parsons in their PE lessons and they were certainly raring to go! The children competed in the sack race, egg and spoon race, hurdles and obstacle race. They demonstrated very impressive balance, speed and agility, concentrating on the task in hand from start to finish and making sure that they didn’t make a mistake. The energy and enthusiasm from all the children were excellent with many desperate to get one last jump in or one final dash before (or even after!) the whistle. Thank you to all the parents who supported the children and to Mrs Parsons for organising the afternoon.



This week, the Year 6 children were really put through their paces taking their Cycling Proficiency, ably supported by five instructors from Lancashire County Council. The children went through a number of safety checks and instructions on site before going out on the local roads. Over Thursday and Friday, they practised a number of manoeuvres in the local area, including passing a parked car, passing a side road and making left and right hand turns. The children really enjoyed the experience and learnt extremely valuable life skills about cycling safely on roads. I would like to thank the instructors from ‘Bikeability’ for an excellent course and Mrs Guthrie for organising it.


Visit by Story Homes

Year 1 were visited by a school liaison team from Story Homes this week who talked to them about safety on a building site and building in the locality, which links closely with what they have been studying in class. I caught up with 1D to see how they had enjoyed their visit. Yusuf told me that the builders had to wear special boots with steel in them to protect their feet. Diya talked about a picture they had looked at where they had to identify lots of hazards. She remembered that one of the main hazards was that there were wires sticking out. Joseph told me that they need to wear hard hats to protect them from the heavy machinery and building materials. Manavi said that everyone on site had to wear hi-vis jackets so that they could be seen clearly. One of their favourite visitors was a life-sized Builder Bear who was a safety superhero! The visit really caught the children’s attention and they certainly had picked up and remembered lots of important information.


Curriculum Evenings

Reception curriculum evening 6pm Wednesday 5 July (for Pre-School parents)

Pre-School curriculum evening 6.15pm Thursday 6 July (for Nursery parents)


Merit Awards

RD: Naina  1D: Diya and Manavi  1W: Amber  2F: Abdullah  2M: The Whole Class

3M: Hashbala  4H: Jaison  4S: Zain  5D: Abdullah  5M: Alfie  6H: Thomas  6J: Aqil 

Monitor of the week: Malaika


Thought for the Week - Teamwork

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.

Henry Ford


Yours sincerely


J M Duke


Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.


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The Year 6 girls played their last Netball fixture for Highfield this week and ended a fantastic season with the A team winning 6-3 (Player of the Match - Grace T) and the B team winning 5-1 (Player of the Match - Elizabeth). Well done to not only the Year 6 teams but to all the girls who have played Netball this year. With over 50 girls attending Netball Club each week, it has been a popular activity where lots of new skills have been learned, new friends made and lots of fun has been had by all!
A note from this year's Captain:
I am very proud of our teams! We have played well all season, developing a great team spirit and always supporting and cheering on our friends. It has been a privilege to captain the netball team this year. (ZM)
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The children in 4S have been learning about compass points. They took their lesson onto the playground and used compass points to locate mini chocolate eggs which had been hidden about the place. Of course, after all the hard work that had gone into finding them, the eggs had to be eaten!
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