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Headmaster's Welcome

Headmaster's News, Friday 18th October, 2019

Oct 18, 2019

18th October, 2019

Open Morning
It was a very busy Open Morning last week with prospective parents visiting for a range of different year groups and all keen to find out more about Highfield. Our visitors were very impressed with the school, commenting on the standard of work on display as well as the knowledge and level of discussion they observed in the classrooms. They also spoke very highly of our Year 6 guides who spoke confidently and passionately about their school. They described all the activities, lessons and unique characteristics of Highfield in great detail. It is very important for any prospective parent to visit the school during a normal working day as it really does give you a realistic impression of school life. If you do know anyone who would like to see the school in action, please ask them to ring the office to arrange a tour. Thank you for your ongoing support.

1W Assembly
Today it was 1W’s Work Assembly and their focus was on Autumn. They talked enthusiastically about their visit to Highfield Haven to look for signs of the season and they showed us their Autumn leaves, acorns and conkers. We also loved hearing their Autumn poems.
Autumn is crisp brown leaves.
Autumn is Halloween costumes.
Autumn is colourful.
Autumn is when there are conkers.
Autumn is bonfire night.
Autumn is umbrella time.
Autumn is squirrels collecting conkers.
Autumn is before winter.
Thank you 1W for a lovely assembly. I was very impressed by your confident presentation skills. It was very clear, from your Assembly, just how much you have been enjoying Autumn.

2J Assembly
Last week it was 2J’s Work Assembly. They began by talking about all the work they have covered this term. It has certainly been a busy term and an interesting one too. I enjoyed listening to your facts about this term’s Humanities topic: London.
‘London is visited by over 31 million tourists each year.’
‘Buckingham Palace is where the Queen lives when she is in London. Kings and Queens have lived here since 1837.’

I was very impressed by the detail and exciting vocabulary used in your letters and diaries based on Samuel Pepys’ diary of the Great Fire of London. Here are two examples of 2J’s work:

Dear King Charles II,
London is on fire. We need to get fire hooks to pull down the houses. They are too close together. We need to get our possessions and put them somewhere safe. We need to collect water from the River Thames. We need leather buckets to slow the fire from spreading. Pudding Lane has already been destroyed. We are all frightened. Please help us! Aamir

When I woke in the morning I saw fire but it was far away from my house so I went back to sleep. But then when I woke up it was close and I was petrified! I wrote a letter to the Lord Mayor. I had to help them put out the fire but it was too strong! The fire was spreading from buildings to houses and all we have is a leather bucket with water and I feel tired and my arms and legs are aching. I set Jane in a boat so she can be safe and not hurt. I hope she will be safe and sound. I will have to run to the garden and bury my cheese and wine. I am terrified because this fire is nearby.
Thank you 3J for an excellent assembly!

Year 4 visit Haigh Hall
Members of Year 4 would like to tell you about their exciting outdoor adventure at Haigh Hall.
I really liked Haigh Hall. I was hoping it would be fun and it was. I wish we could go every day! Amber
The trip to Haigh Hall was fun because we did pots of activities, such as the mini-beast hunt and making bug houses. My favourite bit was finding the newt when we were bug hunting. Aaron
I found the trio really fun. I liked it when we were told that whoever squashed a bug would have to eat it! We made fires, went on a bug hunt and made bug houses. Bethan
I liked all the activities and felt inspired by the way they used flint and steel to light the fire underneath the amazing Kelly Kettles. I enjoyed it immensely. Eliza
I loved Haigh Hall. I really enjoyed learning how to boil the water and make the bug houses. Joshua
My favourite part was when we found a frog. The funniest moment was when I put a bug down and it scampered away from everyone. Thomas
I liked going on the mini-beast hunt because I found some of them very interesting. I was excited when I made a spark out of flint and steel when we made our fires. I had never used a hammer before so building the bug houses was a new experience. Evie
I thought Haigh Hall was brilliant and had a wonderful time there. I thought all the mini-beasts we found there were fascinating, and enjoyed playing in the park and making the fires for the kettles! Lily

Year 3 visit The Museum of Lancashire
Members of Year 4 would like to share their experience with you.
On Wednesday 9th October, our class went to The Museum of Lancashire to see the exhibition of World War II. Before we went to the museum, everyone gave Mrs Morrice a sweet to eat. Our first activity was acting somebody else and we were shown a poster saying ‘careless talk costs lives’. Hanna
We were split into groups, the groups had to pick a spy and I became Nora Higgins, a 27 year old spy. We then moved to a classroom to learn about morse code and I was amazed that people in the 1940s had to hide in a shelter while bombs were being dropped above them. Georgia
The guide showed us gas masks which protected people from dangerous gases. People used Anderson shelters during air raids to keep themselves safe. These shelters were very small and could only fit 4 to 6 people. Sharan

Out and About with 1D
I was given the opportunity to work with 1D this week in CSIT. Their task for the week was to become more confident when entering text onto a computer. The first task was the login. This is a challenge for a five year old: spelling your name correctly in the right case; typing in a complex password and doing it before the computer timed-out! The children were all very determined and focused on trying to complete the task correctly. With just a little help, they all completed the task. It was now time to complete the lesson. Their next task was to help Paul to organise a party where the main food on the menu was fruit. The children had to organise a powerpoint, listing which friend liked which fruit. It was a difficult task but 1D really worked hard, following the instructions and copying out the vocabulary carefully. I was very pleased to see the children learn from their mistakes which helped them to work through the slides carefully. They demonstrated a lot of resilience and focus on the job in hand. I was amazed at the progress they made in just one lesson! I am looking forward to returning later in the year to see how their CSIT skills have developed.

Grammar School Examinations
Our Year 6 children achieved the highest number of girls on record of gaining a place at Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School and the highest ever number of boys and girls, per number on roll, passing the Grammar School Examination. Congratulations to Year 6 and the teaching staff.

Nursery News
We have had a very busy time in Nursery this week! Our Nursery children have enjoyed a visit to the local children's centre, developed their woodwork skills and danced with ribbons to develop their gross motor skills. They have also continued to enjoy our Autumn activities: making hedgehogs from clay, necklaces from leaves (which we hole-punched and threaded ourselves!) and large leaf printing.
Throughout the Nursery provision, we have enjoyed a running theme of Diwali which has been inspired by Varan's focus week. We have enjoyed mark-making in many different ways including in coloured sand with brushes and with coloured pom poms in oats.

Sports News

Hockey v Sedbergh
All the Y4 girls represented Highfield in their first Netball match of the year on Tuesday 8th October. They were all very excited to be playing in the match. SMH scored the first goal, however, Highfield soon equalised. The girls showed excellent teamwork and determination and remained positive throughout the match. Thank you to all the parents and family members who came to support; the atmosphere in the Sports Hall was electric!
All the girls are now eager to continue to practise for their next match, against Rossall, after half term. The match is due to take place on Friday 8th November but we are waiting for Rossall to confirm the rearranged date. Mrs Parsons

Under 11s Hockey v Sedbergh
Our U11 Hockey team were in action against Sedbergh on Wednesday. It was an action-packed game with lots of really positive attacking play from the Highfield girls. There was some strong play in defence which created some great opportunities for the forwards and midfield with Ariana and Sasha both scoring superb goals before half time. After half time, we continued to dominate, however, the Sedbergh girls did create a few chances which were beautifully saved by Isabelle in goal. With lots of possession came lots of goals! Fantastic finishing by Megan and Genevieve made the final score 7-0. What a fantastic result girls, well done! Mrs Botton

Year 4 v St. Mary’s Hall
The Year 4 boys enjoyed a trip to our near neighbours at St. Mary’s Hall. We held a round-robin tournament with multiple fixtures occurring across the afternoon. It was a pleasure to see the significant improvements, which a number of the boys have been making in games and in training, on display in a competitive fixture. It also provided us with an opportunity to discover our weaknesses and plot a path for future success. More importantly, however, the boys conducted themselves impeccably across the afternoon and were a real credit to our school, demonstrating the best of Highfield Priory. Well done, boys!

Senior team v Westholme
This fixture saw a few changes to the squad line-up and it was used as an opportunity to experiment in different positions. We also discussed working on tightening up our defence. There was some great football played by both schools and it was very entertaining to referee. Over the last few weeks, we have had a number of sporting commitments and it has been a delight to see so many of our boys participating. I would like to thank parents for supporting us in ensuring we have such a high level of engagement.

Senior team v Lea Community Primary School (Harold Slater Shield)
On Monday, the Senior team played a fixture in the Harold Slater Shield. Once again, the team produced some dazzling attacking football. They created numerous opportunities and looked dangerous every time that they attacked. They are very enjoyable to watch when they are in full-flow. The game saw a change of approach with a central defender that sits deep and two centre backs with license to roam and get involved in attacking play. It worked extremely well. The key element that we have been focusing on -which is defensive structure and solidity- was much more evident. The boys won 5-1 and I hope it will be a platform for them to build upon in future cup games. We have a number of big fixtures scheduled prior to the Christmas break! Mr Turner

Merits and Awards

Week ending 11.10.19
RB: Alaylah 1D: Aisha: 1W: Khadijah 2E: Aidan 2J: The Whole Class
3M: Aarnav 4D: Lily 4S: Joshua 5H: Reya 5M: Zorain 6P: Alaia
Monitor of the week: Inas
High 5 Award: Drew

Week ending 18.10.19
RB: Aidan 1D: James 1W: the Whole class 2E: Ahmed 2J: Toby
3M: Keerthi 4D: Evie 4S: Thomas 5H: Abdullah 5M: Talia 6P: Hashbala
Monitor of the week: Inas


Balls in the Playground
There have been a few incidents in the playground with footballs. If you are planning to bring balls in after half-term please can you make sure they are size 1 and remember there is a chance it may get lost over the fence.

Term Dates
The term dates for September 2020-2021 have now been published and are attached to this newsletter.

Fact of the Fortnight

Did you know that a kangaroo cannot walk backwards?

I hope you all enjoy a relaxing and very well-earned half-term break and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday 4th November.


Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.


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