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Headmaster's Welcome

Headmaster's News, Friday 18th March, 2022

Mar 18, 2022

18 March 2022


Dear Parents

Open Day on Sunday 11am-3pm

We are looking forward to welcoming many current parents and prospective parents to our Open Day on Sunday from 11am to 3pm. We will be celebrating the children’s achievements, their resilience and their determination to Aim High in everything they do. Please encourage your friends, parents and colleagues to join us on Sunday. Thank you for your support.

Year 1 Assembly

Thank you, Year 1, for taking centre stage this morning in front of the whole school and your parents with your Class Assembly. The focus of your assembly was Maths, and I was fascinated to hear what you have been learning and finding out how much progress you have made. You told us how each day starts with a 5-minute challenge where you practise your core skills. You demonstrated individually and as a group how you count in 2s, 5s and 10s and your number bonds and counting in odd and even numbers. You also explained fractions, properties of 2D shapes and 3D shapes. You have certainly been busy! It was lovely to see you standing up confidently and explaining to us all that you have learned. It was an excellent assembly. Well done Year 1 and thank you to Mrs Wilson and Mrs Hayes for arranging it.

Year 3 Trip to the Lancashire Museum by Zarlala

I had been waiting days for this trip! We just were in our normal uniform and had to wear a coat. It was quite a long bus drive, but after it was all worth it. We were on a double decker bus, but I didn't sit at the top. When we got there, it looked not like a museum, but when we went inside to me it looked really nice. There were houses, but sadly one of them was destroyed. We were sitting on a blue carpet, which was apparently a river. If you kept on going forward, there was an island with an air raid shelter on it. Mrs Riley, let us guess what ARPW stands for. If you really want to know, then A stands for air, R stands for raid, P stands for precaution and W stands for warden.

Next, we talked about The Blackout and saw a blackout curtain. The blackout happened so Germany couldn't see their target. It was also really funny because the adults got blamed for not bringing gas masks, and we learned how to put one on. We swapped instructors to Mrs Perkins. We went in a classroom and learned how we needed to be if we wanted to have really good parents when we were an evacuee. We also got a sheet that had British and German planes and had a quiz on them. It was finally lunch and I had a kebab and strawberries and some chocolates! Everyone learnt a secret about Mrs Riley and Mrs Perkins. With Mrs Riley we learned Morse code. It was really fun, but hard to memorise. Mrs Perkins said she was a spy. It had been a lot of fun, but we had to go. But before that we did a raffle and Nathan won and got an onion!

Nursery News

Nursery and the Rising 3s have been embracing all that Spring has to offer. We have created some marvellous masterpieces as we did a life drawing lesson with daffodils; we have created bird boxes down in the forest with Miss Travis; we have made seed bombs to scatter in the forest to help the bees and we have been on colour bingo nature hunts around our school grounds. 

At Forest School this week, we made garlic bread on the fire using the wild garlic from the school grounds. The children helped collect the garlic, wash it, crush it and make the dough. Miss Travis then cooked it on the fire for us. It was delicious!

Musical Success – Taylor 6P

Taylor’s piano performance of Michele McLaughlin’s ‘Northern Lights’ impressed not only the school community but also the composer herself. Taylor was thrilled to receive a special video response from Michele, who complimented her on a 'phenomenal job’. You can view Taylors’ performance alongside the ‘super proud’ composer’s response on her Facebook page.

Sports News

There is a lot of sports news from the last two weeks. The children have really enjoyed a packed fixture list and getting back to normality. It is always a real highlight of their week.

Individual Tennis Success

Naina, 5D, is now ranked Number 1 in the country for Tennis in her age group which is an incredible achievement, well done.

Isabella, 2E, competed for Lancashire in the Under 8s County Cup last weekend. It was a tough competition against Yorkshire, Cleveland & Durham but Isabella and her teammates played their absolute socks off to come away with gold and crown Lancashire the County Cup Champions for Under 8s!!

Congratulations to both girls on your achievements. We look forward to watching you continue to progress in the future.

Alumni Success

Matthew Wright played for Kirkham in the National Rugby Final at Twickenham on Sunday. This is the most prestigious rugby tournament in the country and Matthew and his team did incredibly well just to reach the final. Although it was a very close final, they lost narrowly.

We always like to celebrate the success of our Alumni in any field, whether that is academic, in the arts, sports or other. Please do keep us updated of your achievements.

Netball v Westholme by Imogen

On 15th March, Highfield played an outstanding Netball match against Westholme. The maroon team played first scoring an amazing 6-0 to Highfield. Then the blue team (my team) scored 4-2, another win! Altogether we scored 10 goals!  Well done everyone, what a great match!

Netball v Westholme by Samira and Esme

On Tuesday afternoon, Year 4 had a Netball match against Westholme here at Highfield. During the warm-up, parents and supporters began to arrive and we were feeling excited although a little nervous. We were the more experienced side and this showed in the one-sided game. Highfield played well and intercepted the ball many times. At the end of the three quarters, the score was 6-0 to Highfield. Thank you to our team for their great play. Thank you to Mrs Parsons for her wonderful coaching and finally thank you to the spectators for your support.  

Netball v SMH by Lily

When SMH arrived, all of us became very excited. My team played outside. It was SMH’s centre pass first. As I was centre, I had to mark the SMH player.  We were all very excited because we scored the first goal of the match. Samira scored the goal, it was amazing. SMH has improved a lot since the last time we played them. It was a very close game although they did win.

Netball v SMH by Alayna

On 8th March, we played SMH. I was centre and was playing inside. I was up against a girl called Maya and she always found a way to outsmart me. It was half time with points standing at 4-3 and we were proud of it. After half time, a girl called Prosper couldn’t miss the net, she was really good and she was unstoppable. We had good luck in the last quarter and the SMH leader kept saying it could be anyone’s game because it was 10-12. In the end, we lost 10-15. Mrs Parsons said it was a good game and that we were great and that’s all that matters.

Year 4 Football v SMH by Raj

In March 2022, we had a splendid match of football against SMH, our biggest Year 4 rivals. We waited until Mr Drake told us to go onto the pitch. We did some practice and then started, I was in the first match because we did three twenty minute matches. We put on a good show but lost the struggle for points. In the second match though, things seemed to level up. I watched in amazement as Ahmed kicked the ball away from the goal and our great passes as I realised we had scored a goal. This meant it was a victory! We still had a chance! Sadly, I was not in the third game but this meant I could cheer my friends on. In the final game, Drew scored two smashing goals but so did SMH. I went in again and so did Zaid who stopped rebounds and Omer was a brick wall stopping all goals. In the end, we drew the matches but lost on goals.

We were all happy with orange juice and chocolate! We all thought everyone had improved, from Aidan and Ali’s super defence (and Ahmed and Aamir’s) to Reuben and Drew’s splendid attacks. In the end we were all happy.

Under 11s Rugby

Congratulations to all the boys who travelled to Rossall this week. The boys played tenaciously in very damp conditions. Both Years 5 and 6 acquitted themselves very well with some fine running in the Year 5 game and incredible defence in the Year 6 game. The Year 5 team lost narrowly, and our Year 6 won comfortably after an excellent team performance. That was our last game of the season and the progress the boys have made bodes well for next year as our Year 6 boys move on to their Secondary School and our Year 5s step up into our most senior team.

Merit Awards 11.3.22

RB: Alexander  1W: Declan  2E: Aidan

3J: Nathan  3M: Thomas  4H: Samira  4M: Aidan  5D: Sharan  6P: Moin

Merit Awards 18.3.22

RB: Adam  1W: The Whole Class  2E: Krisha

3J: Sharman  3M: Haya  4H: Aamir  4M: Penny  5D: Malaaikah  6P: Hiba 

Yours sincerely


J M Duke


Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.


The latest from Highfield Priory

We were treated to a fantastic assembly from class 3J last week, all about inspirational people!

One person who featured prominently was former visitor to Highfield, Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson. The pupils explained how, despite being told from an early age of all the ways a wheelchair would limit her, Baroness Tanni was busy working out all the things she could achieve, going on win 16 Paralympic medals and hold 30 world records! 🥇 🥇 🥇

The class finished by talking about their own goals - from working as a pharmacist to becoming a famous artist. 👩‍⚕️ 👨‍🎨 Thank you for such an inspirational presentation 3J, we hope you all go on to achieve your dreams! 🙂Photos from Highfield Priory School's post
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Year 3 were creating some fantastic 3D shapes last week, using marshmallows and cocktails sticks to create the skeleton figures! 📐 📏

Once they had created their designs, they counted the edges and vertices carefully, applying their geometrical knowledge from class. A great hands on activity which the pupils really embraced! 🙂Photos from Highfield Priory School's post
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