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Headmaster's Welcome

Headmaster's News, Friday 24th June, 2022

Jun 24, 2022

24 June 2022


Dear Parents


Classes for 2022-2023

5D - 6P with Mrs Prince

4H - 5M with Miss Macklam (Mrs Street will be responsible for the class on Monday)

4M - 5H with Mrs Haythornthwaite (Mrs Davidson will be responsible for the class on Friday)

3M - 4J with Mrs Jones

3J - 4M with Mrs Morrice

2E - 3D with Mr Drake

1W - 2E with Ms Eccles

Reception - 1W with Mrs Wilson

Reception with Mrs Bennett

Move Up Afternoon is on Thursday 7th July

3J Assembly

Thank you 3J for delivering a fantastic assembly this morning based on Inspirational people. 3J told us about Tanni Grey Thompson who visited the school a few years ago. They explained that when she was a young girl and became a wheelchair user, everyone was telling her parents what she wouldn’t be able to do in her life. Tanni, however, was deciding what she wanted to do and working out the best way to make it happen. Tanni went on to win 16 Paralympic medals and she holds 30 World records! 3J told us about people who inspired them, from the Queen to their parents, and then they let us know about their dreams and goals. These dreams ranged from being a pharmacist, to a banker, to a famous artist.

I really enjoyed finding out more about you, 3J. I hope you all achieve your dreams! Thank you, Mrs Jones, for organising this assembly.

Manor Adventure by Yusuf (6P)

Years 5 and 6 love going to Manor Adventure! It is one of the highlights of their time at Highfield. Some of the most exciting activities include the high abseiling wall, the epic high ropes, the rocky wall climbing, the amazing zip wire, super rifle shooting, cool canoeing, kayaking and so much more.โ€ฏ 

My favourite part of Manor Adventure was abseiling. I like this activity because there was a way for the less confident people to still attempt and enjoy it as the instructor would lower them down on the abseiling wall, while the more confident people could lower themselves down with the help of the instructor. The best thing about Manor Adventure is that there is something for everyone.โ€ฏ  

My two weekends at Manor Adventure have been such an incredible experience and, if I could, I would do it all again. They are memories I will cherish forever.โ€ฏ 

Year 3 Roman Day by Arthur and Amelie

On Roman Day, a Centurion came into school. He was dressed in armour and had tunics for us all to wear and a rope for a belt! The Centurion told us he was in charge of 80 soldiers and that the Roman Empire was made up of 32 countries and miles and miles of borders. He explained that Roman soldiers had four jobs: fight, control, build and patrol. The Centurion talked us through all the equipment he carried, including a kettle, a water bottle, a sponge on a stick, a blanket, some vinegar and wheat grain to make bread. Roman soldiers used weapons such as a gladius, swords, shields and helmets but we were mostly impressed with the bronze javelin and the long sharp blade: that was all very scary! At lunch time, we had a special Roman lunch of ham, cheese, chicken, bread, roasted potatoes and apple pie. In the afternoon, we took part in four activities: using a spear and shield to practise fighting, drawing the artefacts, making an oil lamp out of clay and making a Roman board game with cloth and clay. We really enjoyed our day; it was really fun and we learned so much!

Bikeability by Joshua (6P)

Last week, the Year 6s participated in a two day biking safety course. Half the year group took the course from Monday to Tuesday and the other group from Wednesday to Thursday. The course began with checking that our bikes were suitable to ride and that our helmets were fastened correctly. We started with simple circuits, looking behind you whilst riding and signalling. Once we had learnt some basic skills, we created a figure of eight circuit to create a situation of letting someone pass before you. After break, we practised u-turns. On the 2nd day, we were straight on the roads.  Putting together what we had learnt including 2nd position, primary position and ADAM position (A Door And More). As it was a road, cars came and went helping us by getting us to signal properly in a real-life situation. We finished the course with everyone knowing how to safely ride a bike on the road and everyone passed!

Music Assembly

Last Friday, 30 children performed in a very memorable Musical Assembly. The children stepped up confidently to play a range of music in front of the whole school and many parents too. We had brass, recorder and flute groups playing different arrangements of music and some children played two and even three different instruments. It was quite incredible to witness how much talent we have at Highfield. It was also lovely to see 10 performers from Year 3, our next generation of musicians! Thank you to Miss Macklam for organising this assembly and to our peripatetic music teachers for supporting the children during the assembly and for their valuable lessons.

Junior Sports Day

Last Wednesday, Bowland, Pendle and Fylde battled it out in our Junior Sports Day to be the Athletics Champions. The children competed in a range of events from the javelin to the sack race. Although it was competitive, the children were very supportive of each other, helping each other out and cheering each other on. There was great camaraderie between teammates and between the teams with plenty of smiles, laughter and every child giving 100% in their event. The final result was Bowland 1st , Fylde 2nd and Pendle 3rd . Bowland were also victorious in the popular tug of war. Congratulations to all the children who took part and thank you to Mrs Parsons and Mrs Botton for organising this wonderful event.

Pre-School Creepy Crawly Roadshow

Pre-School had so much fun on Tuesday when the Creepy Crawly Roadshow came to visit. The children were very enthusiastic and couldn't wait to get up close to Incy Wincy the spider, Kellogg the snake, Colin the cockroach and Mildred the giant millipede. They were so brave they even wore Kellogg the snake as a scarf!

Sporting Success

Congratulations to Aibhlin, Naina and Samira who all competed in the ISA National Athletics Finals in Manchester last week.  Aibhlin achieved 3rd place in the 75m and the 150m, and 2nd place in the relay; Naina took 2nd place in the rounders ball throw and the relay and Samira came 4th in the relay. A fantastic achievement, especially when you take into consideration that the ISA has a membership of over 580 schools across the country.

Nursery Places

We have just a few places left in Nursery for September and the next academic year. Please could you let the Office and Mrs Elstone know as soon as possible if you require a place for 2022-23.

Merit Awards 17.6.22

RB: Dharini  1W: Thea  2E: Ali

3J: Aisha  3M: Isla  4H: Omer  4M: Melissa  5D: Ayesha  6P: Sophie

Merit Awards 24.6.22

RB: Aurelio  1W: Liyaana  2E: Sanketh

3J: The Whole Class  3M: William  4H: Monty  4M: Penny  5D: Aibhlin  6P: Thomas


Yours sincerely

J M Duke


Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.


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