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Year Five


In Year Five, we are looking to see our children turn a corner in their study of English. Comprehension work becomes more focused on deductive and inferential questions and children are encouraged to take note of mark schemes and to ensure that their answers contain sufficient detail. We continually explore a greater breadth of vocabulary and their use of our wow words, displayed in the classroom, is rewarded across the curriculum with house points. Children complete timed pieces of work at regular intervals in order to become accustomed to working within time constraints and to planning out their work accordingly. At all times, children are encouraged in and rewarded for their reading. Weekly library sessions ensure that they always have plenty of opportunity to read a variety of interesting and challenging fiction and non-fiction. Year Five pupils continue to work towards their next award in their Highfield Reading Challenge.

  • Bronze Award – 10 books
  • Silver Award – 20 books
  • Gold Award – 40 books
  • Trophy – 60 Book Award
  • Trophy – 80 Book Award
  • Trophy and Book Token – 100 Book Award

We dedicate time each week to developing a child’s Verbal Reasoning skills and help our pupils to develop and understand strategies which enable them to tackle the different types of question. Once again, we work against the clock to help children to work under pressure without a feeling of panic and by the time they are sitting external exams in Year Six, the children feel comfortable and confident with the exam format.

Year Five is a time when our children really start to blossom creatively and we place a great deal of attention on helping them to structure their Creative Writing and to control their reader by the sophisticated use of punctuation and paragraphing. Our pupils study a variety of genres and learn to write with an awareness of purpose, style, tone and language. We aim to create confident writers who are able to control the English language to suit their purpose and audience.

In Year Five, children study for weekly spelling tests which focus on understanding as well as accuracy.


By Year Five, there is an expectation that children have learned the basic rules of number; that they are familiar with their number bonds, times tables and units of time and measure. Now, the focus is on speed of recall. We want to help children to have these facts at their fingertips and so we have regular mental warm up games and puzzles alongside more formal timed Mental Arithmetic tests. We also dedicate time each week to the study of Non-Verbal Reasoning, helping the children to understand what the question is asking for and to look carefully at: shape, number, orientation, shading, lines, position and size.

At Highfield, we place a great deal of importance on Problem Solving across all subjects and encouraging the children to become more independent learners. In Maths, we dedicate a double period each week to solving word problems and investigations.

All children have their own MyMaths login so that they are able to complete some homework on the computer at home and reinforce the work that they have done in class by completing lessons, activities and by playing mental maths games. The teacher charts the progress they are making in their individual exploration of maths.

History, Geography and General Knowledge

We aim to give our pupils a general knowledge base of which they can be proud. They are encouraged to be aware of and to ask questions about current affairs through targeted lessons, watching the news, reading the papers and through class discussions. In Year Five, we focus on Great Britain and ensuring that the children have a thorough knowledge of the countries and people of Great Britain. We also look at great historical events, people and inventions from across the world. Topic work is completed on The Tudors, The Stuarts, Rivers and Africa.


We continue with our broad-based approach to the teaching of Religion in Year Five by studying Islam and Christianity in detail. We look at the life of Muhammad, Muslim belief and practice; the Christian Bible and Christian belief and actions. We encourage our children to discuss their own experiences and beliefs and to share celebration days with each other. This helps children to develop greater understanding and tolerance of each other, appreciating any differences and asking questions about aspects which may confuse them.


In Year Five, our pupils continue with their study of Science: investigating topics, challenging their environment, charting their findings and drawing conclusions from the data. Science lessons are held in our Science Laboratory or our outdoor classroom: Highfield Haven. The following topics are covered in Year Five.

Materials (including their properties and reversible and irreversible changes)
Living things (observing lifecycles)
Earth in Space


Year 5 are taught French by a native French speaker which really helps with their pronunciation and the development of an authentic French accent in their oral work. In Year 5, there is a great deal of focus on building vocabulary to extend their conversational French. They are able to talk about their friends and family, hobbies, likes and dislikes and daily routines. They learn the vocabulary of shopping and ordering food and drink in a restaurant. They are then able to put this to very good use when ordering their croissants and hot chocolate at the Year 5 French Breakfast!


Time is set aside each week to focus on this important aspect of a child’s development. We look at how they all operate as individuals, as members of the school community and as members of Society. We help children with the confusing and worrying questions that crop up in the course of a week and we create an environment of trust so that questions can be asked and answered without embarrassment. It is also a time when we focus on any difficulties that might be occurring in the playground or in the way the children interact with each other. We continually reinforce how children can help themselves and each other to stay safe. The children have a circle time session and a dedicated lesson each week.

PHSE takes on increasing importance as the children are nearing puberty and a new start in a new environment: High School. They have many questions, doubts and anxieties and our curriculum is focused on helping them through this confusing time. In Year 5 the children learn about puberty and how their bodies will change as they change from children to adults. These lessons are taught in single sex groups.

There are 3 core themes to the curriculum which cover a variety of topics within them. These are:

Health and Wellbeing - Health, Nutrition & Food, Aspirations, Emotions and Safety

Relationships - Communication, Collaboration, Similarities & Differences, Healthy Relationships

Living in the Wider World - Rights & Responsibilities, Diversity and Economic awareness & Enterprise

These core themes are supplemented with work on the Fundamental British Values (FBV)

  • The Rule of Law
  • Mutual Respect
  • Individual Liberty
  • Democracy
  • Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

Art and Design

The children are taught Art by a specialist teacher in our Art Studio. Visitors to the school regularly comment upon the standard of our artwork and find it hard to believe that it has been created by Preparatory school pupils! In Year Five, our pupils learn about the Glasgow great, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. They respond to his work in textiles. Complementing their history work the children also sculpt clay Tudor roses. In Design Technology the children learn about how cams can create different types of movement. They include cams in their designs of a moving toy before they make their product.


The children are taught CSIT by a specialist teacher in our IT Suite. As well as improving their touch typing skills, they are introduced to some sophisticated software that they are surprisingly quick to master! In the first term, they work with various basic spreadsheet formulae and learn to create charts and graphs from the data; they also look at the component parts of a functioning computer to understand the internal workings of a computer. In the Spring Term, the pupils utilise a visual object orientated programming language to create small games. They then design and create an interactive application for a given audience and purpose (an information point in a museum). In the final term, Year Five utilise a range of different DTP techniques to produce a leaflet and utilise a programming language to develop small algorithms.

Music and The School Choir

The children are taught music by a specialist music teacher who instructs them in: Musical Elements, Notational Theory, Musical history and traditions and Music Technology. They perform together musically in their Spring Show and they are invited to audition for The School Choir which meets every Friday.

HPSED (Highfield Public Speaking, Elocution and Drama)

The children are taught HPSED by a specialist teacher in our Performing Arts Studio. In Year Five, they are introduced to the study of interview technique. They are encouraged to become aware of any annoying habits that might be creeping in when they are concentrating on answering a question. They are also asked to answer a variety of questions and to talk for a minute on any given topic. They think about how they present themselves and how to make a good first impression. They then take these skills into the Boardroom as they become Young Apprentices. Their task is to create, market, advertise and pitch a supermarket product. Their final pitch is examined by Mrs Duke and an external examiner. In the Spring Term, the pupils rehearse their spring drama production which they put on with Year Three and in the Summer term they study the art of debating, culminating in a balloon debate.

PE and Games

The children enjoy an afternoon of Games and a PE session each week as well as various sporting activities in their lunchtime and afterschool. They learn Dance and Gymnastics, as well as invasion games: football, hockey, rugby, netball; and striking games: Cricket, Kwik Cricket, tennis and Rounders. Every child in Year 5 is given the opportunity to play in a competitive fixture against another school. In the Summer Term, the focus is on Athletics and there are inter-school Athletics tournaments as well as the school Sports Day, in which every child competes to earn points for their school House.

Residential Activity Weekend

A residential activity weekend is offered to children in Years 5 and 6. This helps the children to grow in confidence and independence as well as developing their ability to work with, and support each other, as part of a team. Their challenges include high wire ropes, an underground maze, abseiling and kayaking. It is an extremely popular weekend!

The latest from Highfield Priory

Our Reception class celebrated the end of term in style last week, with their Easter Bonnet Parade!

They didn't let the rain stop them as they showed off their brilliant bonnets around the school before heading to Highfield Haven in search of the Easter Bunny! 😀🐰
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2 weeks ago

Our Reception class celebrated the end of term in style last week, with their Easter Bonnet Parade!

They didnt let the rain stop them as they showed off their brilliant bonnets around the school before heading to Highfield Haven in search of the Easter Bunny! 😀🐰Image attachment

We marked the end of another busy term here at Highfield with a special musical assembly!

Using the wonders of modern technology, our ten performers joined together virtually, with some performing live in the hall and others via video from home.

The pupils have been practising hard for weeks and were really excited to perform for the whole school via Teams. Each performer played excellently and they were all rewarded with enthusiastic applause from their audience.

This was our first musical assembly for a year and it was such a good feeling to bring this tradition back and see the pleasure it brought to our school community. A massive congratulations to all the children who took part - we are already looking forward to developing this event later in the year!
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3 weeks ago

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